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Sondors 5pin Black and 3 pin yellow connectors

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    Sondors 5pin Black and 3 pin yellow connectors

    I don't own a sondors, but since my build had the same G06.350 motor, I picked up a Luna Hot rod 48V controller, figuring the connectors would fit my 36 volt KT36ZWSR controller with water proof connectors.

    -My LCd-3 display will fit the green connector.
    -Quick disconnect to motor is the same.
    -Two red connectors are for e-brakes.
    -Yellow is probably PAS?
    -Missing a wheel speed input, but I believe the controller can be programmed to read the Bafang wheel sensor via one of the P settngs.

    So the black connector must be throttle. What's in the Sondors throttle? Does it display power lever and turn on the bike? I believe I can splice my twist throttle to it and if the LCD push buttons turn on the controller, I won;t need to emulate the ignition.

    Oh yeah, the cable lengths don't work, but I can lengthen the handlebar stuff.
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    I got around to looking at the black connector. It is six pins, with the following wires, in my opinion:

    Yellow - Battery power 48V or 36V, always live,
    Blue - tied to green inside the controller.
    Green - tied to blue inside the controller.
    Red - +5V when powered up
    Black -Ground
    White - Probably the throttle input

    I was hoping the controller would power up when I plugged in my LCD-3 display, but it didn't.

    SInce blue and green were tied together inside the controller, I touched them to 48 volts, and it powered up, Then hitting the power button on the LCD-3 worked. I had expected that a momentary contact between the blue, green, and yellow wires would suffice, but it has to be a hard contact. The Sondors on/off switch must be a cycling switch.

    I did not hook up a motor or throttle yet, but first steps are done. I know the controller powers up, and that my display works with it, Next, I have to make sure my motor has a speedometer output.

    The reason for all of this is that my D-i-Y Fatbike has the same motor as a Sondors, but only a 36V controller. I probably could have bought a generic 48V controller, but the Luna unit had the same Higo water proof connectors, plus it was cheaper than getting a unit shipped from China. Well, the connecors fit, but cable length is too short, so there's a lot of splicing ahead.


      Hey Harry;
      Im trying to accomplish the same thing as you. when I plug my new controller into my display, I get nothing. I thought it was the display so I purchased a new display and still nothing.
      my bike does not have a connector to plug into the six pin black one on the speed controller. could I jump 2 of the pins in the black connector to power up my display?


        Arrowsteel, yes, I could have put a jumper between two pins on the round black connectors tol power up the controller, if I had known which pins to use. I will see how the above six wires match to the pin positions. Will post back later.

        Just to be sure, if you are using a controller from Sondors, I have read where there are two versions. One will only work with a display sold by Sondors, The other will use a generic LCD-3 display like what I have. I'm using the one that Luna sells.
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          This is what I believe are the signals on the black 6 pin connector off the KT 36/48ZWSRM-SLSLD0 controller.

          Inside the controller, the blue and green wires are already tied together and connected to the red wire that goes to the green connector for the LCD display. When I have an LCD display connected, then if the blue/green and yellow wires are connected, pressing the LCD ON button turn its on. Yay. Also 4.5 volts appears on the red wire. I haven't connected the throttle or motor yet to tell if it really works yet.

          If I do not have the LCD-3 connected, then I don't know how the controller gets turned on. Connecting blue/green and yellow does nothing that I can see. The red wire does not show 4.5 volts. This does bother me a bit, because I need an LCD connected to get this controller to power up. I thought the Sondors throttle, which I don't have would be enough. The Luna site tells you that their LCD display will work while others may not, but it doesn't say you have to have an LCD.

          Anyway, this weekend, I'll wire in a throttle and see it I can spin my fatbike motor.

          Click image for larger version

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            And we're spinning the wheel with the new controller. It read the speedometer signal out of my Bafang G.06.350 as it's supposed to. I did find that the P2 setting only works at 1 pulse/rev , not the published 6 pulse/rev setting used by Sondors motors. I got no speed when I used 6.

            Now I will just lengthen the two brake cables, and the LCD cable. from the controller side. I will have to use a new connector for the PAS. My controller also has the red connector to run a headlight, but don't know if it has enough current to power my existing lamps.


              Harry, did you get this throttle situation solved. I have a 36amp controller with all the higo plugs but don't want to use sonders throttle with the power switch and gauge up top, 6pin black. I would like to use a universal throttle with the 3pin yellow plug. Any input would be appreciated.


                Ray, do you have this exact controller or a different model. Are you using an LCD?

                Wow, I re-read this and took a while to understand it. OK - I am runninng a Bafang fatbike motor similar to the Sondors. I boughtthe Luna Hot Rod controller, which is a plug-in replacement for the Sondors.

                However, I didn't have the Sondors throttle or extension harness. I did have the LCD3 display, two brake levers with Higo connectors, and a throttle.

                Do you have the round connector in the picture going to your Sondors throttle? . If you don't use the Sondors throttle, you probably need the LCD. Then try jumpering blue, green and yellow, and see if you can power up the LCD. Your third party throttle would use the remaining three pins.

                The Luna controller is nice. Lets me use any of my batteries from 36V to 52V. Helps my fatbike hit 26-28 mph on 52V.


                  I'm using this 35amp controller with all the higo plugs including a black 6pin for throttle. I'm waiting for my lcd to show up.


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                    In that case, if you don't mind cutting the plug off off the original Sondors, I "think" you connect the power, ground and signal from the new throttle to the matching wires and wrapping the other three together.

                    You can find out what people are using for the P and C parameters for these controllers on the Sondors forum.

                  Coming into this late... If you have throttle compatibility issues why don't you take the easy way out and use a Sondors-compatible aftermarket throttle? Luna doesn't sell them. Not sure what the rules are for posting other vendors' links here so won't, but available are half-twist and full twist, as well as simple basic thumb throttle, which is what I use on my dual-750w AWD Sondors.

                  $25 solution for the thumb throttle.


                    If you don't want to post the link to the thumb throttle would you pm me the link. I have a real problem with this forum if that's the case ( not being able to post another venders parts). Nice sonders by the way. I don't need 4000 watts but 2058 would do.


                      Is this the 6pin throttle
                      Tired thumbs?  Fix that with the twist throttle!  Comes with 6 pin connector, direct fit for Sondors and Velomobile Shop Ebikes. 36v / 48v / 72v Waterproof conn


                        I got my lcd and used the sonders throttle, all three lights are on but the throttle works. I did notice today after I installed the universal throttle above that came today that when I power off the lcd it holds the pas level from previous ride. The sonders switch would go to pas5 everytime you powered off then on. The short version is that throttle link will replace the stock one. Of course that's with the 35amp controller with the higo plugs and the large plug on the 750watt bafang and aftermarket lcd. Luna 6ah 52v mini cube battery. 1650 watt on readout and 29.7 mph but it seems to be a little faster than that. Maybe I have to change wheel size from 26 upward a bit.


                          Sorry I am not here very often yes thats the throttle I use. Be advised my cruise control does not work with it, but then again I have aftermarket-everything on that bike so no telling if the throttle is the culprit. I rely on PAS so really don't care but you might.

                          Also you should set wheel size to 28 if you have 4.0 tires, and 29 if you have the 4.9's. Setting is for outside diameter not rim size.

                          reset of PAS is governed in the LCD. Check the manual - available online if you don't have one yourself. I have mine set to always go to '1' for safety's sake. PAS5 for me on two 52v, 35a axles is a handful.
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