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Sondors Fold XS Controller Help please

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  • drhapgood
    Did you get an answer to this? I took mine apart then contact the manufacturer of the controller via a webform and then they put me on to a guy called William from Honk Kong who posted me 2 x controller units. I had to pay but they are the same. Sadly this didnt trouble shoot my issue and it is either the switch or the motor now.

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  • Kerrlos
    started a topic Sondors Fold XS Controller Help please

    Sondors Fold XS Controller Help please

    Hello all

    I’m having an issue with my fold xs at the moment, basically it won’t switch on after only 500 miles. It was working fine then i switched it on one morning and everything came on as usual (LCD screen etc) and then instantly everything cut out and won’t switch on again. After 5 weeks of awful customer service from Sondors they finally sent me a controller as they think that’s the issue. However they sent a different one to what I need and I’ve been trying to contact them since Monday this week and they won’t answer my emails etc to get a replacement or discuss my options.

    Ive attached an image to the post so you can see the two controllers I’ve got.

    My controller is the one on the left and the one they sent me is on the right. My controller has 2 extra wires on the left side of the wire group. Im not sure what the extra orange and red plugs on the left side do and why they’re not on the controller they sent me. I’m thinking it’s the lights and indicators but not sure.

    I’m not even 100% sure it’s the controller with the issue and always thought it could be the LCD screen and the + i - switch. But im sure Sondors know best.

    Does anymore reading this post know or shed any light on my issue? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for reading my post.
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