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Is Sondors going out of business?

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    Is Sondors going out of business?

    If you own a Sondors bike you need to read this article fron Electrek on whether they are out of business!

    If you need any specific parts, you better get them before it's too late if not too late already.

    This has been my experience with Sondors;

    I got one of their MadMods at the pre-production price of $1500 and at that price it is a great deal & overall I really like the bike. However the wait was 16 months overdue, the bike was poorly packaged with loose parts including the large front fork banging around in the box, a few chipped paint spots, a brake line was kinked, the top headset bearing missing, the charger case was broken & did not work and a front shock brush guard was cracked. Customer service was a pain & never did deliver all of the stuff that needed replacing. I was in Florida for the winter when I got the bike & it was fun, fairly fast (26mph) & mean looking. Then I brought it home to PA and it is definitely underpowered & if there is a steep hill, it is all I can do to get up it. They lied about the weight in the ads and the bike is a beast at 135+ pounds. Then as they went into full production Sondors tried selling the MadMods for $3500 & that was not a good deal at all. The bike really needs a mid drive motor of at least 1000w. As for my MadMods, I am putting in a Bafang BBSHD 1000w (peak 1600w) mid-drive & that should take care of the hills! There is nothing on the MadMods that couldn't be replaced with non-Sondors parts even if they need a bit of modification.

    The other bikes Sondors sell are overpriced compared to their competitors & the specs are not as good. There are 15 pages of BBB complaints about Sondors online and I feel bad for the people who got swindled in the Metacycle fiasco. Sondors has only themselves to blame. It's too bad if Sondors goes bankrupt because they did have some cool looking bikes.

    If Sondors accomplished anything, it was to give the entire industry a black eye. Great job Scam, er, I mean Storm.