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52v Dolphin GA and Sondors?

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    52v Dolphin GA and Sondors?

    I have a Sondors Original on order. Bought a Holiday Special and they *say* no waiting. Not holding breath.

    Just rcvd my Luna LCD/20A controller combo.

    I am a former cyclist who had to let it go for health reasons. An ebike with PAS could be the ticket to get me back in the game, even if only a little... I'll take it. I have a 4 mile each way flat ground commute. I want to get the most out of the existing hardware platform.

    Looking at my options - I have noted the Storm pack on the site - I think I'd like to use the 52v Dolphin GA (with a Luna smart charger). I have zoomed in on the pics and it sure looks like that version is the same, where all I have to do is plug it into the existing receptacle, and to charge I can plug in the Luna 300w smart charger. The file names of the images which are not normally visible even say its a 52v Sondors pack :-)

    Is that correct? I can plug it in to the existing Sondors caddy and use the 20A controller with it?

    Is this the battery that you are talking about. Then yes it should be plug and play.


      Sorry my fault. Still learning. Wasn't using the proper terminology.

      More accurately: the 52v bottle battery in the Luna Dolphin section that has the GA cells.

      Visually its a match. I've looked in detail at the photos, zoomed in, and the proper connector is there on the battery. The cradle is the same as what is already on the bike. The image below taken directly from their site is named


      Others are similarly named. Seems like a pretty good hint.

      The battery comes with a cradle which I would hang onto as a spare since my bike already has one installed.

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        This battery is 2 inches longer that the sondors.

        Isn't the sondors battery 13 inches long.


          Dang it thats something I missed. You are correct. I was focusing on the fittings/connections.

          Thanks for spotting that.

          I'm likely going to shift focus a bit anyway as I have an older Stumpjumper that I'd like to put a Cyclone kit on - once I get further up the learning curve. Whatever I pick for the Sondors I'll want to fit on the Stump and I *believe* the Storm pack will fit in the very limited space available in the 'triangle' of that bike.


            Yes keep the sonders stock until you know what you want. The more you ride it the more you will know what you want

            Even if you upgrade the controller and display for 100 dollars this gives more power and removes the speed. The focus on the next build leaving the sondors more stock.


              I actually have separate uses for each bike in two different cities. The Sondors will always have a job as a flat-ground commuter in one town. One thing I think is a safe bet is wanting more power :-). There's clearly a point of diminishing returns but I'll take it right up to that edge. Controller. 52V battery. That ought to do it for the 'e'. As for the 'bike' part, I'll have fun tinkering with it.

              The Stump will live in the hills. Unfortunately I'm long past the point of being able to ride trails but I sure as hell can get it out of mothballs and me back on the road. Beats driving a car any day.

              Pretty stoked at technology giving me a way to get back into cycling again. Didn't even know this DIY stuff existed until a couple weeks ago.

              Thx again.
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                Ok, good to see that its got the adrenaline going. Yes it gets you out of the house.