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Luna LCD + 20A controller + 52V Storm Battery. P5 Setting?

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    Luna LCD + 20A controller + 52V Storm Battery. P5 Setting?

    Tomorrow my Storm battery arrives from Luna (52v Samsung 25R, 17.5ah). I'm looking at my LCD as part of the installation and I can't figure out the P5 setting, nor have I found any kind of explanation of how the range works so i can figure it outt for myself.

    Here's what the manual says

    P5 is power monitoring mode, when P5 setting is 0, the power monitoring is the "real-time voltage" mode. Namely, it is the method to determine the battery capacity based on real-time battery voltage. When P5 equals to a specified parameter, the power monitoring is the "smart power" mode (this parameter is determined by the battery characteristics, ordinary 24V lithium is generally is 4-11, 36V lithium is between 5_15).
    Luna preprogrammed my controller with P5 set to either 12 or 14 (when I get home tonite I will check it and update this post).

    The Sondors user forum cites settings of 12 for 36V and 15 for 48V.

    Anyone have an idea of either a) what the setting is or b) how to interpret the manual above so i can understand the calculation and figure it out for myself?

    edit: Is it battery ah, rounded down? so my 17.5ah battery results in a setting of 17?
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    I thought this parameter affects how the bars get displayed on the battery icon. If so, then it really doesn't matter as the battery icon is never going to be very accurate. I have the Luna 25A controller, and I use batteries of 36, 48, and 52 with it and don't change P5 when I change batteries.


      Yes its just the setting to determine the accuracy of the battery gauge. It won't be precise but I'd rather it be less inaccurate than more so.

      Found some comments buried in a related thread on another forum that indicate this mode will do exactly what the manual says:

      when P5 setting is 0, the power monitoring is the "real-time voltage"
      Hooray for reading the manual. Plan on trying that out this evening and will confirm here if it is usable as a battery meter. Plan to move fwd with setting it to amps and will note results.


        To follow up on this, after playing around with it a bit, I decided to forget about P5. the advice HarryS gave is, I think the best.

        I did notice that setting P5 higher made the battery gauge drain faster. Set to 25 it was clearly too much (gauge drained faster than battery by a large margin). Setting it at 20 was too slow. Setting it at 12 which was the recommendation of another manufacturer for their 52v battery was completely worthless and probably bad advice.

        On my Luna LCD, you can see the actual battery voltage on one of the displays which is vastly more useful. From power up, I press the power button twice (not holding it down, just a click) and this 3rd screen that comes up has battery voltage at bottom-center. Let it sit there for a bit and the big speed display, that defaults to I think the historical max, changes to current actual speed. So you can leave it on this screen for the duration of your ride and see a constant readout of current battery voltage.

        Combine that with becoming familiar with what the readout means, and you are set.