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    No power

    After 600 miles, new day, no power.
    have lunacycle 25 amp controller and led display.
    display shows normal.
    twist throttle and temp goes crazy
    also have an infinity sign at top of didplay.

    Hi Tom

    Has the display been wet at all?

    Maybe try the original controller and display and see how this goes, eliminating one at a time.

    Its just a process of elimination until the problem is found.



      600 miles in Seattle.
      yes it gets wet.
      if this is the case, it's useless to me.
      don't have an original display.
      best I can do is remove the display and put the plug back in its connector.


        This has happened to me a few times, and it was always a loose wire. I know this is frustrating, but once you solve this one problem you will be good to go for years.

        I would recommend doing a careful visual inspection at every single electronic connection. If you don't see a loose wire, maybe you could find an electronics technician in your area. My electronics technician has saved my bacon many times.