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Sondors repair recommendation?

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    Sondors repair recommendation?

    I have my Sondors e-bike for about 1 1/2 years now. Until recently, it has been running great. One day, I hopped on to take a spin and thumbed the throttle and heard the motor turning (or something sounding like it) but no drive, no wheel motion at all. Since I am hearing what I think is the motor turning, I thought maybe the planetary gear in the rear hub motor stripped out or something. So I took off the rear wheel and opened the hub motor housing. It was VERY rusty in there - rust all over the hub housing and on the motor. Spent some time cleaning up all the rust and inspecting it. I am not sure what to look for as a problem but it all otherwise looked okay. Closed everything back up, mounted the wheel and tested it - same problem. Sounds like motor is turning but no wheel motion. Any recommendations on what part may need replacing here to get running again?

    Regards, Sean

    If the motor is broken and you have all that corrosion, one choice is to remove and replace the motor.

    If you decide to install the same motor, then you could save your broken, rusty motor for spare parts.