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Seeking feedback on updating Luna Sondors hotrod controller listing

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    Seeking feedback on updating Luna Sondors hotrod controller listing

    I have been hoping to get some feedback from Sondors users on how our Sondors upgrade listing could be improved. There seems to be several ways to make the controller/display listing compatible with the latest models but it involves a bit more work.

    Some feedback we have gotten so far that we need confirmation on:
    Hotrod controller will work on bikes that have no on/off switch on throttle but you need to either wire one of our remote switches into the power wiring or physically unplug the display/throttle.

    Most new sondors batts use a hardcase, and most hotrodders are cutting off the original plug on original controller, wiring this to the hotrod controller instead of switching out both sides for xt90.

    Fold needs the yellow HIGO extensions we sell for bbsxx brake/throttle, just a small amount length needed.

    No current Sondors versions are designed so the controller mount holes line up to the existing mount holes in the battery bay so it may need to be mounted on the outside of the bay.

    Sorry I missed this for so long. To fully support Sondors you now need to go a few different ways, unfortunately:

    1. Bikes prior to the 2017 batch: Don't change anything. Those are the bottle-battery bikes and your product supported those just fine, with the caveat that the LCD used proprietary protocols and needed to be replaced with a generic like you were selling. In this batch, the Sondors Thin was the only bike that used a plastic-cased triangle battery with the CB-radio kind-of twist plug.

    2. 2017 Sondors bike batteries: They ALL use plastic-encased triangle batteries with that CB radio plug. No more bottle batteries at all. Some KT controllers out there from other vendors already are plug-and-play for this (trhey were originally made to support the Thin) so you can get the controllers with this plug.

    3. 2017 cable routing: Look to the Thin controllers that have wires exiting out of both sides of the controller. The new fatties do the same thing now just like the Thins.

    4. Throttles: there are now two throttles with different HIGO plugs. They are distributed as follows: If you have a single-speed bike (Thin, Fat or Fold and all the X variants), then in 2017 you receive the old-style Sondors throttle with the lights and the on/off switch and the black HIGO connector that Luna already supports. If you have ANY model with the 7-speed cluster, then you have a Bafang BBSxx type throttle with a yellow HIGO connector. Anyone with a 7-speed will need to 'upgrade' their throttle to something with a black HIGO or break out a soldering iron.

    Regarding your comments above:
    • That thing about bikes with no on/off switch needing a remote switch is baloney. The LCD turns the bike off without any draw anywhere.
    • ALL Sondors use hardcase batteries now. Sondors does not sell extras so you might look into selling smaller triangles that will fit into that space. Some folks are dremeling out the triangle to fit full size batteries in there. Others are selling 17.5 ah reduced size triangles that fit perfectly.
    • What you say about the Fold above is wrong. See my comments about who needs a yellow Bafang throttle above. Every 7-speed any model. Aftermarket throttles are the typical answer to solve this rather as its a $20 solution.
    • Nobody mounts the controllers outside the box. Just turn the controller sideways and it fits in the slot just fine. Use a little adhesive velcro and it affixes to the box wall no problem.


      Thanks so much for this MoneyPit, I was really hoping you would chime in as you seem to know more about this than most :)


      • wagonrd
        wagonrd commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks for your comment Pax. I've ordered a 11-46 shimano cogset and hope the 46 tooth wheel will clear the derailleur plastic wheel, I do have a derailleur extender installed. I enjoyed your video on reworking the casette to rearrange the order of the cogs, and also the video on chainring offset. I'm certain that I keep working at it that I will find a way to pedal my BBSHD bike with a dead battery. wagonrd

      Glad to help!

      One other thing: It would probably be a good thing to get in a Fold and a new full size Original bike in the shop and do cable measurements. Don't know if you were aware of this but the fatty (Original) has different frame proportions now and the battery box is a fair bit bigger, as the top tube of the frame is also longer. Anyway... the cable lengths of the Thin-compatible controllers can be used on a Fold but from what I hear, only barely. The current crop of 'Sondors Triangle' souped up controllers have cable lengths resized to work well with both Thins and the fatties.

      Also on Mike Ritchie did a full pictorial of fitting a controller into a Fold and you can probably learn what you need to know about Fold cable lengths and what existing Bafang extension cords work there. I have never worked with a Fold myself.