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Sondors motor cuts out.

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    Sondors motor cuts out.

    I have an eirly 2016 fat tire Sondors. When I am riding the motor will cut out and the thumb controlle will not work. I have replaced the PAS sensor and thumb control . I do have a wendys LCD and 2oa controller by Velomobileshop. The battire drans down faster then normal. I have checked the setting . They all seem good. The only thing i can think of is I got a bad controller? Any help would be great. Thanks (i use it daily to and from work) PS is there any benifit to go to a 25A controler with stock battiers?

    Probably LVC from voltage sag, that battery's over two years old and you're pulling more current than it was designed for. Do you see no cutouts when the pack is fully charged? If these cutouts only happen when the charge is lower than full, then it's sag.

    Yes the battery will drain faster than normal with a higher power controller, the more power you use the faster it will run out. No controller in the world will change that..


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      I watch the voltage draw . And that changes very little. I have 2 battires both stock does the same with both.

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      Try disconnecting your brake cut wires and your shift sensor if you have one.