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Sondors X (2018) Motor Upgrade Questions

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  • Petjart
    Dont change anything i got a 250 Watt 48V for europa Belgium and 48v 17,5Ah batterie I jus make it a 14s 5p 52V and change the controller with PHASERUNNER from grin technologies and wil put a CYCLE ANALYST V3 this wil set me free for the nex decennia for changing watever I still want to bild and watever new batterie 27100 for example wil come on the market in the nex two years, and a good batterie loader for all kind of existing batteries, lead, lithium ,lipo everything all voltges enso on and cheq the mg 60 bafang 750w no freeweel 7,8,9 speed cassette have 50poles not 20 poles much stonger and better if you want to change to 750 look here and do a reallity test with your controller and 500w motor to see the diffrent its going to make for will see wat to do than ,,,,not that much....

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  • Lenny7118
    started a topic Sondors X (2018) Motor Upgrade Questions

    Sondors X (2018) Motor Upgrade Questions

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I want to upgrade from the 500 watt motor to a 750 watt motor. Can the internals of a 750 watt Bafang motor that’s SONDORS compatible be put inside of a 500 watt Bafang motor casing without redoing the whole wheel? My 500 watt motor has the 7 speed cassette also. And would it fit in the DropOuts on a SONDORS X ? Is the motor to controller the same on the 750 motor as the 500 motor ? Thank you