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Is the aluminum frame worth the wait

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    Is the aluminum frame worth the wait

    I took the Sondors plunge because at the time I did not feel confident enough to build from scratch. I ordered the Steel frame with the larger battery and front suspension, a week after I ordered it I tried to contact Sondors about changing the frame, some of you might know how long that took... Anyway they finally made contact with some bad news that the model I want, would ship in September instead of the end of July, most likely not in time for Playa. (yeah, I'm one of those but I have been going for 15 years and I have a real job there) I could still keep my original order with the Steel frame or switch to aluminum with the delay, which I could deal with, because the bike would been my backup transportation.
    I guess the question I have is, would most of you wait for the Aluminum frame???

    What? What happened to radical self-reliance? I'd say build your own the way you want it, but that's just me. :D

    If you dont already have a personal preference between steel vs. Al, it probably wont matter to you anyway. Thus, i'd probably pick based upon the availability schedule. Do you want it sooner or later?

    Personally, i choose Al for me because I am looking to be as light as possible. Al is a great material. You can use woodworking tools on it, drill it, sand it, cut it, the same as wood. It is mostly corrosion resistant as well. It is a bit stiffer so a lot of people dont like them for longer rides without shocks of any sort.

    Steel is much stronger but a bit heavier and definitely can rust.

    Both are common, so each has its strengths and weaknesses.


      The radical self-reliance was this being my backup transportation, and with my other comments I did not have enough time for this project...
      ​I chose the aluminum because I know I would be kicking myself for getting the steel. Thanks for your input...
      (I suspect it will arrive when I am in the desert.)