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Becoming a Fast Rider.. Broken spokes

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    Becoming a Fast Rider.. Broken spokes

    150 miles so far. Everything was going fine.

    2 rides ago noticed 1 broken front wheel spoke.
    1 ride ago I noticed a 2nd broken spoke on my front wheel. Time to stop before I do more damage.
    Finally its drying up and I`m starting to go faster. Over small jumps and over fallen logs. 20 PSI tire pressure doesnt help.

    I think its time to upgrade wheels, spokes, tires, and Rim locks.

    Any Information or advice. I heard of Wicked wheels (Josh) I would like to purchase these as soon as possible.

    Heavy-use / off-road / e-bike wheel-build advice:

    Get heavy-duty high-speed-rated rims, and get them professionally laced with Galvanized Steel spokes-- 11G. Not Stainless Steel. Galvanized Steel.

    That will put an end to your spoke breakage.

    Then, in the weeks and months before your new wheels loosen up on you, learn to check and maintain your own wheels' spoke tension. YouTube videos may help, asking your local bike shop for a crash-course isn't a bad idea either.

    Best of luck!



      You have to retighen the spokes often in the begining,they finally stabilize and need less attention after awhile.All wheels with spokes need tightening,it’s not you going faster making them break,it’s not maintaining them.


        Originally posted by Kauaiguy View Post
        You have to retighen the spokes often .
        Thank you for your responding.
        But I read everything good & bad about this wonderful Surron E-bike.
        I put tape on every 3rd spoke and rotate and check spokes at least once a week as I read the warnings similar to yours.

        Originally posted by X-Nitro
        The bike is easily capable enough to destroy the lightweight rims off-road, with a fast rider aboard.

        I read X-Nitro post a few months ago. Planned on contacting Wicked Wheel Werks (WWW) as recommend by Mark K and others.

        After starting this post yesterday. I E-mailed WWW hoping I could order a complete wheel set with 21"' front tire and 19'rear

        Next question. How long do you think it will take to receive my wheels.?
        WWW web site form May 2020. Be patient, My order from China is on the docks.??


          Adjusted every ride until about 10 rides later,then just check tension by sound and tighten as needed.Just a FYI,the 21 doesn’t fit with the Kilah white fork( to close to the brace).


            Are there any other wheel builders that people have used that are worth sharing with the community here?

            Also, I've mentioned this in another thread, but I've been trying to figure out a way to run a 21" up front as well. If anyone knows of a viable front fork alternative that will permit its fitment, I'd love to hear about that too. The only option that I'm aware of is no longer being produced. I found a knock-off on non-US site, but don't know how good it is or if it's an exact 1:1 match to the original Manitou Dorado.


              I’ve never checked my spokes, are there any articles people would recommend showing the best way to do this on a surron?