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    Moto Nips?

    I'm looking to purchase 12,13 gauge spoke nipples with a 9.75mm head to fit the large size (8mm) spoke holes on a motorcycle rim. Wicked Wheel Works used to sell these but apparently not any more. See the ebay posting: I emailed them but no reply. It seems they were custom made. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them? Thanks and happy Sur Ron riding.

    1 month ago I found 2 broken spokes on my front wheel.
    I contacted Josh form WWW. I was going to purchases the finest rims , spokes and tires for my SRX-light-bee.
    3 days later josh E-mailed me. he was closed and in the process of moving his shop to a new location.? Call me in 3-4 weeks.?

    Well thanks for reminding me to contact Josh.
    I checked his E-Bay site just yesterday. I will try to E-mail him again in a few minutes. (Sunday 5 July 2020)

    I also contacted Luna cycle. The said they would send me 2 spokes. No mention of payment. (i should of requested 10)
    2 weeks ago Luna Cycle message, They shipped them to me (2-spokes). As of today I haven`t received them yet.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to purchase UPGRADED Heavy Duty Wheels, Rims and Spokes for the SRX.

    I check his site daily. If I hear any thing I will post it.