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Trouble with backlight (Sur-Ron not working when connected)

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    Trouble with backlight (Sur-Ron not working when connected)

    Hi guys.

    Need some help with electrics:

    My Sur-Ron won't run if the back light is connected (street legal version)
    If I disconnect the back light --> works as expected The back light works fine (if connected): The brake light also work if I pull the break.

    I have removed the indicator light.
    Might this be a problem?

    I really want to run the Su-Ron on the street.
    Therefore I need a working back light. Any hints how I could solve this?

    Wondering if had any replies? You did not elaborate in how you wired for stop light, most of the YouTube videos, disable the braking regen, is that what you did? If you did not how are you using the regen? I am in process of installing turn signals and stop tail light. the