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Issues programming X controller

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    Issues programming X controller

    I'm having troubles programming my X controller, I watched the video on how to pull the brake x amount of times long pull ect ,but its not working tried to turn off e brake sensors but couldn't I tried bunch of times and had my brother help who owns same bike luna x black edition..also been trying to change brake regen ..can someone help me , I haven't issued a support ticket yet..seems like its just not programming for some reason...


    You didn’t mention if you used the pigtail that came with the bike it has a little red light on it. But if you do have the pigtail and it didn’t work try plugging it in turn the bike off with the key for about 10 seconds and then retry


      Yes I have the pigtail, and tried that. And tried turning off the main power switch, since I could not program it I pulled the e brake sensors I disconnected them cause that was one of the things I was trying to program to turn off...but I thought I could still use the kickstand to program it but its still not working ... I wondering what is wrong maybe my controller is defective...anyway ill have to open a support ticket ...thank you for the advice


        In Eric's video about programing he get one important thing backward. He says to turn ON and then Off the bike before programing. Really confused me too. Couldn't get it to work. The bike has to be ON while programing, then turn off and back on.

        Not sure if that helps, but that's what was causing me problems. Once I did that, it programed fine.


          My buddy and I recently upgraded to new Sur Ron's and were so disappointed because stand up trail riding was just too difficult with so much regen. It's a complete pleasure to ride now. We ride mostly in the Sierras and change the bikes to full regen on sustained downhills. We use the kickstand as our e-brakes are disconnected. (The dongle isn't necessary)


            I completely agree that regen is sometimes a disadvantage. I miss being able to grab the clutch and coast. I've seen in youtube videos and documentation that there is supposed to be no regen in EP mode. Guys were saying that they could just flip the switch and be able to coast, then flip back to sport for riding/climbing. This would be a perfect solution but my bike does not work this way. I have regen in both modes. I really hope Luna can convince Sur Ron to either re-intruduce this function or come up with some other way to turn regen off and on easily during rides.

            Does anyone have a bike that coasts in EP mode?

            I've heard that some of the prototypes Luna is working on have a thumb lever for regen, allowing it to be controlled in real time. This might end up being the cat's Meow.

            How are others dealing with this?


              Thank you for your help....I'm pretty sure my bike in eco mode the regen is either lower or off , cause I noticed the throttle is much more twitchy or sensitive in eco mode seems definitely to be less resistance on the drivetrain...


                On my Sur-Ron with X controller, if I switch it to EP on the fly, the regen disappears.

                I set my regen on stage 2, which I like for trails. If I rode more on the flats or a motocross track, I'd probably turn it off.


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                  C & P...Paxtana..August 2020..Programming Sur-Ron Controller,

                  Support notes this only works if you have the X controller pre-installed. IF you bike came with the base controller and added the x controller later this will not work. Please note it is not promised or guaranteed that all X controllers have this capability, but if you want to give it a try, go for it!

                  Note the factory bike comes programmed at level 3 (which is max regen)

                  Level 1 regenerative coasting = 2 short brake pull, 1 long
                  Level 2 regenerative coasting = 3 short brake pull, 1 long
                  Level 3 regenerative coasting = 4 short brake pull, 1 long
                  Turning off the regenerative coasting = 7 short brake lever pull
                  Turning off the e-brake sensors = 8 short brake lever pull
                  Turning ON the e-brake sensors = 9 short brake lever pull and 1 long