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What did you do to your Sur Ron today?

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    600 miles of dirt trails and some snow, still on original tires and brakes,
    all lights disabled and self powered
    50Km of fun with 12% battery remaining
    Vertical ravines and 24" log crossings
    Kaniwaba Pedal Kit (no gears)
    550lb rear shock spring
    Luna Seat
    Bar Extenders ​
    L1 Regen works for local technical trails, saves brakes and not full regen drag
    Disabled Brake cutoffs
    Kick stand removed, sensor moved and available for programming.
    Dont normally park it dirty
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      2wheelsanything; ...... April 6 2021 I ordered my new float seat today! " stress relief tool.""
      Kauaiguy commented. April 13-2021,
      The Racespec seat would be great’s wearing through. The leather Luna seat is...the leather does feels pretty tough.

      April 13 2021.. After reading this and the good reviews on the Luna leather float seat. Next time I need parts this will be 1st on the list.

      About a week later the bike feel off its bike stand while washing off the mud.
      The stock fiberglass bash-guard was bashed earlier that day as I hit a log. Fortunate that it still runs OK but will not sit level on the bike stand.
      Placed order from Luna, 1 Luna SS Bash guard.... 1 Luna leather floats seat.... 1 Luna electronic throttle to replace my stock cable throttle.
      3 days later the leather float seat $95 .& Electronic throttle $36 showed up. SS-Bash guard on back order. (Still waiting)
      I can wait until the SS-Bash-Guard show up to install the Electronic cable at the same time. As the wiring connector is under the bash guard.

      Replacing the stock cable-throttle to an E-throttle seems like an EZ jobs. Any comments or tips on switching to a E-throttle ?
      Noticed a few miles ago while accelerating to full throttle the motor seemed to slow and suddenly go back to speed.
      Not sure what the problem might be but decided to go with the E-throttle to see if that solves the problem.

      Meanwhile I installed the leather float Seat. Before that my butt hurt so bad I could only do about 1 or 2 laps around my 2.5 mile loop/track.
      1st ride on new Float-seat I was able to complete 3 laps without taking a break. Thanks 2-WheelsA & K-Guy
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      • Kauaiguy
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        Leather Luna seat is holding up great.Two of my friends with newer Surrons with the stock electronic throttle switched to the Magura electronic throttle as the stock throttle has a delay or curve that was irritating.

      Proved today my X-Bike is waterproof, got caught in what felt like typhoon (just massive rain storm) that soaked me instantly and bike, was concerned I had large electric source between my legs with river of water running down me to it, but rode home with no issue, the next day my handle bar grips needed glue, the rain seemed to erode, my 2 other xbikes glue that did not get the acidic rain are still holding. Kind of alarming that rain can do that to glue. I am very impressed that my stock xbikes brakes, tires and battery are in great shape with 1000 miles of dirt trails on each, these things are almost bullet proof.


      • dirtman
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        Quote MXS. ""very impressed that my stock xbikes brakes, tires and battery are in great shape with 1000 miles of dirt trails on each, these things are almost bullet proof.""

        Not going to question a man whom has 3 stock-X bikes. (Almost Bullet proof)
        How much knobs left on your stock tires.?

      Well, I didn't do it TODAY, but a few days ago I put this cheap alarm from Amazon on my bike. Works really well!


        I made a bike-mounted carrier for 4 mm, 5 mm, & 6 mm hex/Allen head wrenches.

        I've been keeping these wrenches in my pocket. I find most of the screws & bolts on the Light Bee are one of these sizes. I figure I can do emergency repairs on the trail. AND I have used them a few times while out &about. I'd hate to have to walk a 100 lb bike home because something came loose & now I can't steer, or brake, or accelerate, or whatever.

        Plus keeping the wrenches in my pocket made me nervous if I ever ate it and landed on the wrenches driving them deep into my thigh. Also, it's one less thing to remember to bring.

        I made this carrier in about 10 minutes. I used the plastic from a DVD case (that type of plastic is forgiving & easy to work with), cut out a rectangle with tin snips, put it in the vice, used a heat gun to make the plastic plastic, bent two parallel tabs to carry the wrenches, drilled 3 holes of different sizes tight enough to hold the wrenches, but not too tight, deburred the plastic holes & edges with a de-burring tool, put some double-sided foam tape on the carrier and pressed it into place.

        If one wanted to permanently alter their battery cover you could do the same thing by punching a few holes into the plastic reinforcing to hold the wrenches. Even though battery covers aren't terribly expensive, the carrier I made is cheap, easy to fashion, and impermanent.

        Now if I crash I'll only drive my Bluetooth earbud case, bottled water, & whatever debris the trail is made of into my thighs. Then I can use the hex wrenches to dig out the bigger chunks of "road rash."
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          Very cool mod.


            I put a new headlight on. Riding on paved roads at night is no big deal, but dirt track can get pretty sketchy pretty quickly without adequate illumination.

            I got these at an online retailer for $20. They're advertised as combo spot & fog lights. I attached a bracket I fashioned from some aluminum flat bar and they can be aimed individually to provide better coverage for whatever terrain I'm in. I had previously installed a switch for the stock headlight & taillight so I could turn them off to save battery. I bought a 10 pack (5 pairs) of the kind of electrical connectors the Sur-Ron uses, and so I merely wired these up to one of those and plugged them in. Together these new lights draw about 22 watts. I didn't use a relay because I don't think 22 watts will be too much for the switch to handle. They're slightly more than twice as bright as the stock headlight. I plan on making a mod in the future so I can turn each light on independently.

            Before installing these lights I was concerned the brackets wouldn't hold well, that the lights look stupid, or that they wouldn't significantly brighten the night. None of these things have materialized and the lights seem to work just fine.
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              A friend gave me a Warp9 peg support bar to install.
              And I made a few seat straps.
              Click image for larger version

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              • SUR-gary
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                oh Wow ! i understand need for seat straps. the extended fender needs help too.
                I want one Doug. Please consider selling me one?

              I am also working on a Baja Light system. The lights pictured are for mock up.
              All aluminum framing.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Baja lights.jpg
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                Got my lights finished over the long weekend. Rigid Industries 360 series 4 inch LEDs.
                8600 lumens per light and drawing only 2 amps each.
                Atleast this is what the Rigid specs say, I nned to borrow an amp meter to see for myself.
                The amber marker light is switched as well as the projector.
                The mount is made from 4130 ChroMo sheet at .062" thick, weighs a prox. 1 lbs and the lights are nearly 2 lbs. I don't feel the weight.
                Click image for larger version

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                  Installed 19" TUbliss system with new MAXXis rear tire. Now the Nuetech rim lock is TUbliss specific and specs. for 1.85 - 2.15" rims.
                  Our 19" rims are 1.4" as you know. So what i did was just spin the rim lock side ways and its narrower. Works well. First you must pull/twist off the black triangle thing( Rear Deflector) loosen the nut on valve , spin rim lock sideways, and then tighten it back down and re install black triangle thing.


                    In the last month I lathed a cane creek angle headset to correct the relaxed geometry, cut a boxxer spring for the killa for correct sag, DNM rear shock 550lbs 240mm eye to eye direct mount, getting rid of all the stock rear suspension, tuned for my weight. 19 front with shinko 241, 17 rear with irc 3.5. Fabricated seat frame for trials plastic, geared with 64 tooth sprocket for max torque, and trials


                      sc-surfer yo dude how did you mount the mudguard on those forks ? Appreciate the help


                        Received my 72V 51ah battery from ChiBattery and installed it today.


                          Latest addition, just finished up a custom seat and painted strut and spring change, and ceramic brake pads, here's were it stands. Want to put the capacitors back on it..
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