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    Sur Ron X Side Plates

    Anyone know who has some side plate number plates? I saw them for sale online but they were sold out and no contact link. Would like to source some.


    Here ya go....

    Maybe send him an email/message.
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      Thanks man. I did try that email . No response but ill give it another go.

      Santa Cruz must have some epic trails!


        Originally posted by rider400 View Post
        Thanks man. I did try that email . No response but ill give it another go.

        Santa Cruz must have some epic trails!
        Just do what I did and make your own. I actually bought the stuff to make them and then found out they were in stock again and said nope I'm going to make them myself, cause I already bought this crap. All you need is a couple sheets of 1/8th inch black abs plastic. It's really quite easy. Just look at the design and make a rough equivalent , and then after you get them bolted in place use a heat gun and it'll be pretty obvious where you need to make the bends to give them that nice look . Oh and in case it's not obvious to you as it wasn't to me, he's got the textured side facing inward, and he's simply sanded the shiny side. This counter-intuitively is much faster than trying to sand down the textured side, as the shiny side is already flat.
        They're 8 bucks a sheet.
        Btw their shipping even months ago, was insane, they literally got it to me in under 18 hours.

        This is the exact part you need. You only need two of them, they are almost exactly the right size to begin with. You only need to remove like 25% of them I think. Jig saw works, but keep in mind ABS is a PITA to clean up. Also you'll need a cheap heat gun, This is the one I got, they have even cheaper ones though, I bought this one primarily to bend acrylic tubing for my water cooled PC. But still you never know when a heat gun will come in handy...

        One thing I would advise that you do differently is to actually go to the hardware store and get some of the proper hardware like that which he includes in the kit. I just put the OG bolts back in and softened the ABS to allow some sort of counter sink and then covered them with ABS goo, let it dry and sanded it so you can't even see them, but this isn't as ideal as the longer bolts. ABS goo, btw is just some ratio of acetone and scrap bits of ABS, it turns into a glue/molding material. You can use it to glue two pieces of ABS together, repair damaged ABS, make a painful mold of your face, (acetone burns! jk). Btw putting those bolts in whether you make it yourself or buy from him is a huge PITA, don't take both out at once, just one side at a time.
        And here's the result. Oh and the strap on the seat is now necessary , that is if you have any hopes of moving your bike . You can't grab it from under the seat like most naturally do anymore. So just grab some strap and melt a couple holes and attach it to the bolts for the seat. (Fold the ends so each bolt goes through two holes) The guy who makes the side panels explains this very thing in his last update video.
        And here's the result.

        Good luck, I hopes some of this was helpful.
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          That looks lit

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          Dang dude great write up and thanks. I actually was about to post these tonight so shit timing I guess but I did what your suggesting and made my own. 1/8" ABS cost me about $12 and bought some washers (forget the damn name of the style) and some longer bolts. Forming them with the heat gun was more work than I anticipated but it wasnt a big deal really. A couple 2x4 pieces underneath, weight on top (rocks) and a heat gun and just start working it out. I felt that using gravity acted as a 3rd hand as the 2x4 underneath kept the piece about the table so it had area to fall back to the table. Difficult to understand probably. Anyways they came out decent enough and YES I need a strap on back now to life this thing.

        paxtana Thanks man. I was thinking of making some fenders out of the left over abs. Other than that I got my eye on getting a bigger front wheel, and a seat cover. I really prefer blue, but I've been stuck with everything green ever since that was the only color I could find the DVO Onyx in. (I didn't know they were on sale here at the time


          Here are pics of my bike as it currently sits. Off road Jeep light (recommend by the guy who made the original side plates), longer rear fender, Topeak Defender front fender, mud flap obtained from ebay and my custom side plates also influenced by the first guy who made them.

          Fork is the stock Killah I just slapped on these Fox decals I had laying around.

          Future mods include some foldable levers (anyone found a fit?)
          A 21/18 wheel set up.
          A CR80 rear sprocket to go on the sprocket adapter I got from Luna.

          These bikes are fun af!