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How to adjustment ALX13RC FastAce shock absorber on Surron 2021?

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    New forks will typically feel tight/sticky to begin with. As the fork bushings wear they should loosen up.


      I've learned a few things about these shocks:
      1. They came shipped with both adjustments cranked all the way full. They feel much better adjusted about 1/2 way. I hope running them as shipped didn't damage anything.
      2. When installing the front wheel, this process seems to work best for reducing stiction:
        1. Insert axle, snug axle end bolts enough to center the axle, then loosen them
        2. Snug one pinch bolt
        3. Take bike off stand, hold front brake, and work the suspension. The goal is to get the stanchions aligned properly and moving freely within the upper.
        4. Put bike back on the stand and tighten the rest of the pinch bolts
        5. Finally, tighten the axle end bolts.
      I think some of the stiction I was getting was because I was tightening the axle end bolts before the pinch bolts. I think this was pulling the stanchions together just enough that they were not exactly parallel with the upper fork tube.

      The other thing I learned was: These forks kinda suck. They feel OK when just standing there compressing them manually, but when traveling over anything rough, they feel clunky. Slow compression handling is OK, but fast is pretty bad.