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Repairable? Throttle wire pulled out

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    Repairable? Throttle wire pulled out

    Unfortunate tip over, first 100miles, and boom the wire is hanging. Really hoping I can re-solder but how to connect 3 wires here is a mystery. I’ve tried searching, read about picking the wires correctly (and safely testing wheel off ground) but clueless where these wires are meant to attach. Any help appreciated, would prefer not to need to buy a new one after such little use

    Here’s a link to a detailed article regarding the electronic throttle. The wire colors mentioned are different than yours but maybe it will help.


      With the throttle dis-assembled and access to the hall sensor with hopefully the leads still intact. They need to be reattached as shown.

      To verify which colored wires are which... snippet from thread link below. See the thread for more detailed information and instructions.

      Controller Wiring...

      Note: the controller 5 vdc regulator is not very powerful and is only rated to provide around 100mA or even less.(I've seen down to 40 mA) Do not short out the supply wires. It will survive a brief short, which I unfortunately can attest too. But probably not for an extended period, which I decline to verify...
      Insure correct battery power voltage to controller. Some controllers require an activation (key switch or button...) or "on" signal to it before energizing 5+vdc supply.
      Have a map?...Good use it

      If not start by checking the three wires for the 5+vdc regulated output power with a good quality multi-meter.
      Mark the positive wire as 5 vdc +(Typically RED and reference color in this thread), Then using a DMM with high resolution and keeping the positive probe there...check the other two wires with the Black test lead, both will provide a grounding path, but the sensor wire has a little resistance in it. So true o vdc battery negative wire or ground will have the highest voltage potential. Mark it 0vdc or ground. (Typically Black and the reference color in this thread.) With the throttle sensor signal input wire, just a hair less voltage potential. Mark it signal input. (Typically Green or White, Green as the reference color in this thread.). Example: In my testing, from 5+vdc to true ground meter read 5.07 vdc. And to signal input wire, read 5.06 vdc.
      To double check ground. Disconnect battery and allow capacitors to discharge. Then check resistance between negative battery connector connection and previously identified throttle ground, there should be NO resistance what so ever as it is a direct connection.

      Guide to Hall Sensor Throttle operation, testing, and modification.

      Always remember that when working on the throttle, take the extra precautions needed to protect against accidental motor start-up and it's possible consequences! Be on guard and stay safe.

      See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


        When I see your second picture I am quite sure that the connectors are broken too close to the hall sensor to be soldered. You can replace the hall sensor, they are very cheap. Buy the same model number. Be aware that your bike will run full speed if only 2 wires are connected or reversed...