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    light bee l1e

    Hi there.

    I would like to ask for an advice. I am new to sur-ron resp. new to electro bikes, so excuse me if this was already answered.
    I would like to buy a L1e version (so I can decide whether I would go "street legal" way or not) , but I have some questions, for which I hope I can find answers here.

    1. regarding Specs. - I know the power of off-road version is 3/6kw, but how about L1e?
    Specs differs from site to site, so I am really confused.
    Does L1e have the same engine, so if I cut green wire I will get 3/6kw of power? (i.e. exactly same specs as offroad version after cutting)
    Resp. does cutting the wire increase BOTH speed AND power of L1e version?

    2. did anybody tries to put a swith on "low power" cable? ( )
    I mean - are there any risks/dificulties with controller for example?

    thank you & excuse my grammar

    Both versions of the bike are identical as far as i'm aware (apart from the lighting kit & mirrors on the L1e etc). The two signal wires can be cut or joined up depending what year the bike is to either restrict or de-restrict the bike. I installed a switch on the off-road version to restrict the power output when needed.