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    Battery cover lock

    Tired of looking for your key to remove your battery?
    Then try this easy fix. Remove the lock wafers from the lock core, then you can use anything that fits into the key hole to unlock it.
    1. Remove lock plastic shroud or move it out of the way
    2. Remove lock core by depressing the retaining wafer (see hole in lock photo)
    3. Push core out
    4. Remove core wafers except for the retaining wafer
    5. Put core back into lock
    6. Put back plastic shroud.

    My battery lid was stuck shut. I'm doing a big overhaul on the driveline so I decided to take the seat off and take it all apart until I was able to get the battery out. Would like to bypass the key entry too. Not clear on how you fixed the issue. Not familiar with locks. Enlightening me!


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    Originally posted by Trail Blazer View Post
    Tired of looking for your key to remove your battery?
    The following information was Cut & Pasted from the knowledge base at Luna Surron dirt bike.
    Need to make a key copy?

    Ilco X121 DC3 for the Sur-Ron that came before mid 2019, after you would need a locksmith to make a copy or replace the whole ignition.


    This might be what spark`s needs (This forum has all the answers)

    How to fix the battery latch or remove it.

    First step it to remove the seat off the bike, please click here for instructions.

    Once you have the seat out of the way you will have to remove the latch plastic cover

    1 Allen head bolts on each sides and one philips head on top.

    Under the latch you have 2 Allen head bolts to remove to be able to remove the 2 plastic covers.


    IF the battery is still in the bike and the battery door is locked then you have to remove the 2 plastic cover that you just uncrewed, might have to pull on each end that way tou will be able to see the latch (bronze color)

    Use a small screwdriver or a pick to move the latch

    Then it's time to remove the latch assembly, just remove the 2 main bolts and you can remove the latch


    The next step is to fix the latch if your key does not catch the latch, so follow the procedure below:

    This is a fringe case that has only been seen a few times so in most instances you want to check the latch is not caught on something and that the cylinder does not need lubricating.

    What is happening here is the mechanism the cylinder fits into is not working. This is the mechanism that sits between the latch and the lock cylinder. If you can turn the key in the lock but it does not turn the latch then this may be the issue.

    You have to dismount the lock mechanism and then open it up. Inside of the lock-mechanism there is an axle going through the entire mechanism. In the end of this axle there is a nut and this nut has become unscrewed. This then causes the hook that locks the lid to slide off the spline of the axle. Hmmm... difficult to explain but start with opening up the mechanism and then you'll see. I was lucky because my battery was not in the bike when this happened to me. This made it easier to dismount the lock mechanism.
    Red straw points to small Phillips head screw that backs off shaft letting latch disengage from turning shaft



    Solution: Drill hole in end of casting just large enough to get a Phillips screwdriver in but small enough that screw can not fit through hole in case. Unscrew screw to expose threads, apply lock tight to threads, screw back in tight.


    If you can wiggle that gold colored metal latch that hooks your battery cover down, if it is not centered in the mechanism, the screw is backing out. It is a very tiny Phillips head screw with no lock washer or lock tight on the end of the lock shaft furthest from the key. I drilled a hole in the end of the case so I could get at it with a screwdriver, backed the screw out until it hit the case (twice) and dosed it with blue lock tight (twice), running the screw in and out a few times. The screw can not fall out because it hits the case first, but the gold latch can get out of its purchase on the lock shaft notch and not unlock anymore. If that gold metal latch is loose it's only a matter of time before you won't be able to open the lid.
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      Oh, I've tried to follow your steps, but nothing worked out. Probably, I'm not made to do such work. I'm stuck at the point 4 where is said to remove core wafers except for the retaining wafer. When I try to remove the core wafer, the retaining one is coming out as well and I can't put it back. I think, I need some tools which are designed specifically for such types of work. Do I? Or, I simply should call tower hill locksmith agency and ask them to assist me with this problem.
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