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Throttle Controller used to fix throttle response

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    Throttle Controller used to fix throttle response

    Hi guys,

    New to this forum. Read through the posts and haven’t seen anything about this. I don’t not like the long twist on the throttle of the surron x. Coming from dirt bikes and street bikes. I prefer and quicker response throttle with less of a twist required.

    I spoke to Luna Cycle today about this issue and one of their techs mentioned installing a throttle controller on on surron x to achieve multiple throttle curve options. These controllers are available for cars and trucks but not bikes. So it would require being manually connected to the proper wires of the bike. It could potentially be a huge improvement with on the fly throttle curve options for varies conditions and also power increase. Has anyone done this or have any info on this?

    Very interested in this!


      so, I also come from a motorcycle background and am appalled at the throttle action/response on the sur ron. I traded a few e-mails with Luna and their suggestion was to a cable throttle!
      I hope to install that this weekend and will report if that actually improves it.

      I have been riding the bike a few weeks now on some good and rocky single track. I will say I have gotten a little used to the throttle but it still holds me back in the technical terrain.

      Not sure how much research you have done on this but I have read that some of the aftermarket controllers allow you to program the throttle response - I am really not sure how that works though.


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        I installed the cable throttle yesterday and it does not fix the issue we are discussing in terms of response. The improvement with cable throttle is that it's stronger. If a tree limb or something catches the wire throttle it will rip off the soldered connection and then you have no throttle. The cable on the other hand is not going anywhere. It's also supposed to be more reliable because the module that the cable connects to is a better design then the module built into the wire throttle.

        It does allow us to purchase aftermarket throttles that require less of a twist, ie. 1/5 turn. and that will definitely help with the issue. I purchased one of these yesterday and I'm excited to try it out.

        But that still does not compare to a throttle controller that could provide a variety of different throttle curves at a push of a button, on the fly.