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    Headlight Connector Sur ron


    Anyone know what connector the headlight uses. Looking to make my own switch!

    On mine, the connector is in the rats nest under the lock assembly. For easy access, you can take the battery cover off and then unscrew the lock assy and it pulls right out. Let me know how you make out. I'm thinking about doing the same thing..


      Main thing is trying to find the connector, nearly impossible. I know it is furukawa, but no idea which.


        I did what you describe. I bought a handlebar switch for a few bucks, got the connectors, and made my own for less than $5. I then decided I needed more light because some of the trails I ride at night are treacherous, and so I took off the stock light, added two 12VDC spot lights, added a separate switch to that, so that I can operate just one light for regular use, or both for those trech' trails.

        The connector is DJ7026-2-11/21.

        Here's my setup. I removed the bike's speedometer and moved it the new headlight switch so it's the host of the speedo' now. I also added a switch to one of the lights so can save on DC, or can throw more photons at the scenery, as required.
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          Sumitomo 2pin MT090. There are a few on Amazon, but hard to get. I bought some on aliexpress. They took about 3 weeks to get to me, but only ~$5.

          There are also a few plug and play headlight switches on Amazon that use these connectors:

          GritShift Sur Ron Segway X260 X160 The Halo Plug and Play Headlight Kill Switch

          You can also find the other connectors for that harness on aliexpress as weIl.