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Rim dishing question

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    Rim dishing question

    I have a SM Pro 18-21 wheelset.
    Ballpark how many turns can I go with spokes before protrusion or not enough threads becomes an issue?
    I modified the kickstand spring mount for more clearance so I want to try pushing the rim over some more.
    I’m at 2 full rotations of the nipples right now and would like to go one more turn which should put the rim centered between the chain and kickstand spring mount.
    Im trying to avoid pulling the tire off is why I’m asking the question.

    Nice. I would like to have an all-silver straight-pull rear wheel, but not yet.
    3 full turns will move the spoke about 2mm in the nipple, where they end up depends on where they started.
    Convention would have all spoke ends flush with the bottom of the nipple inner drive accommodation when tight originally, so I think you can safely make your move.
    You really have to inspect inside the tire if you want to eliminate puncture concerns, I don't think your risking pull-out.
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