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Thinking of getting a used Sur Ron ( 73 KM )

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  • StudRock
    I saw that posted too... Yeah, I dont know that I'm buy it... sounds like a scam to me at that price. But to answer your question... WOULD I buy for $3k with 45 miles on it, Yes..!! all day long, but the price being so low has me thinking its a scam. I purchased my Ludicrous XX used as well, but he price warranted the cost of the bike, but I still did my investigating work. I asked him to send me additional pictures of it with one of the pictures having a beer in the picture so I know it was recent. I also mentioned that, because some of these bikes are stolen and sold on the web, I asked him if he could provide me a receipt that he purchased it. From his emails and location (which happened to be in NY), I was able to find his profile name and research the forums and FB to see what modifications he did to the bike... see if he was having problems with it... if he dropped it...when he purchased his Mod's...etc... I even looked him up on YouTube to see how he rode. He had about 15 videos posted out there. As it turns out he was well spoken and everything that he said about the bike was accurate. I met up with him the following Saturday and purchased the bike from him. Then I told him about the research I did on him prior to purchasing the bike... he was shocked how easily it was to find that information...

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  • ontargetnow
    started a topic Thinking of getting a used Sur Ron ( 73 KM )

    Thinking of getting a used Sur Ron ( 73 KM )

    He is asking $3000, claims to have bought it new in August for $4300. Thinking of using it as a bow hunting rig? Thoughts? Thanks, Dave