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Power cut-out from high torque, low rpm

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    Power cut-out from high torque, low rpm

    When in a bind ie a very steep or stuck spot from a standstill, if I VERY slowly give throttle I get nothing all the way to full throttle.
    I have to de-throttle and throttle up more quickly to get engagement.
    Otherwise zero problems.
    In other words, if the rear wheel is experiencing a lot of load from a dead stop and I give very slow throttle engagement, the throttle won't engage at all, it requires more bump to overcome the load.
    It's an XX with a 52t rear sprocket.
    Not a huge problem, curious if anyone knows what's going on.

    My trails are just starting to dry out from winter snow, got to ride a bit of the steep rocky sh*t yesterday for the first time on the SR, and with my 64T sprocket I have determined I will have plenty of torque for sure! I am still getting used to the differing throttle response though, as compared to my BBSHD/Fattie/Rohloff combo I ride the same trails on, I will watch for what you describe.

    One throttle quirk I have noticed, is when I hit SPORT on a downhill for the extra braking, and then switch out of sport, unless I goose the throttle a bit, just a blip, it will remain in SPORT. Not a big deal, as I quickly got the hang of working around it, and I am loving the braking action that SPORT offers.