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Whats the best way to raise my Sur Ron?

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    Whats the best way to raise my Sur Ron?

    Hello all, new member here,

    What seat extender is best THIS or the BRACKETS?

    The page for the brackets note this:

    ´╗┐Aftermarket batteries with battery lid lift kits will not work with ANY seat risers, the latch will no longer be aligned. If you want to use a seat riser with an aftermarket battery you will be required to custom fabricate a solution to make them compatible.
    I'm most likely going to do a battery upgrade so I want to buy the right parts.

    Also, can someone link me to handle bar risers? There are so many to choose from I'm feeling lost.

    I'm 6' 210lbs. My Sur Ron X is being delivered in a few days. Worried this bike may be too small.

    Thanks in advance!

    I am 6'2", 250lbs. I purchased this riser kit on changer. The reason why I did not purchase the one on Luna is b/c the battery will just float and move around. There is a good video describing the deficiencies on Youtube. I also purchased the Luna Floating Seat. I also tuned my suspension/shocks to not rebound as much.

    Find handlebar link on

    FWIW, I am bigger and taller than you and this bike handles like an absolute beast. 49mph top speed.