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Experimenting with EggRider and GLE App

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    Experimenting with EggRider and GLE App

    Guys, i have a BAC4000 on a Surron x with a Chi Gladiator 60v/60 battery. All else is stock. Motor is stock.

    I've been running the bike at a 12kw setting and managing the power via Eggrider. Eggrider is super simple and has given me what i need. It can adjust torque, kw , phase amps, and regen. The rest i've not needed for my riding. Before everyone advises me that blowing up is a matter of time let me say thank you. I'm okay with that.

    My riding style keeps the controller and motor under 130F. I just ride low speed trails and doing wheelies on the streets. so 12kw works for me. But now i'm bored.

    So i've discovered that no matter how high i set the Eggrider power it will only tell the controller to run up to 12.4kw. Anyone know how to exceed 12kw on eggrider?

    So now i've started using the GLE controller app. It's very complex compared to Eggrider and seems to allow unlimited power programming. The battery i have will generate 22kw. I've played with the app up to 15kw. Again, never top speed or WOT. oddly, it's not that much more power than 12kw via Eggrider.

    1) Looking for feedback on people that have actually run over 16kw

    2) looking for anyone who knows how to get the Eggrider to tell the BAC4000 to exceed 12kw.