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SP180-C2 Series Dual-Motor Upgrade for Surron

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    SP180-C2 Series Dual-Motor Upgrade for Surron

    Guys. I'm doing experiments on crazy power configs for the surron (not top speed more torque and speed balanced). You may have seen my other threads as i've learned the Surron motor cannot exceed 12kw burst and 8kw continuous power (2mins) if you run a BAC4k with 60v battery. If run 72 volts battery you likely can get the stocker closer to 14kw bursts. But not for long before the magnets break.

    The same motor manufacturer of the surron stock motor (named SP180C1 makes a dual motor named SP180C2. Has anyone fit this in a surron? Or built another ebike using this setup? It's specified to burst to 28kw and 16kw continuous for 2mins. Let me know please.

    here you can read about the Surron motors:
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    You would also need the matching controller.The Surron drive train is pretty much maxed out at 12,000 watts so probably not a good candidate for even more power and torque.I ordered a Stark Varg when they first came out with info so I would stop wasting time and money on any more Surron improvements.