Guys- this is just FYI. I run a BAC4k and Chibattery 60v/60 gladiator battery. The bike on the stock 48T sproket and chain was pretty amazing. From 10mph to 35mph it was rediculous torque. From 0 to 10mph though it was slow. This 54T sprocket fixed that in a meaningful way. Big difference. The torque is now crazy from 0 to 35mph. I can see this being a very cost effective upgrade to the stock set up too. I'd put this in the top 3 upgrades in cost/benefit. Footpegs was also in my top 3.

Lastly - I installed a non-oring Renthal chain. The noise reduction was about 75%. All i hear now is the motor and front tire when on pavement. very stealthy. Some say the friction reduction with the quality chain actually adds torque and top end too. I can't attest to that becuase i didn't measure it with data.