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Chi battery upgrade reviews from actual users?

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    Chi battery upgrade reviews from actual users?

    Any feedback from actual Chi battery users?

    I'm looking to get the 60v, 60ah "endurance" model (drop in replacement batt w/ 2x the amp hours).

    Build looks kinda chinzy and I'm not liking the optional "gladiator" diamond plates you bolt on to the sides of the frame to protect the batt. Is the battery outsides what is appears to be: just a large piece of shrink tubing?

    Anyone get the "steel" model (has some sort of internal galvanized metal support.

    I want all the AH I can get while retaining the ability to swap out the batts. Thus I didn't opt for the "touring" chi model.

    I looked at the others I cld find:
    Litespeed - much less AH than the chi
    EBMX - nightmare to install/remove

    As always, thank you for any input.

    good questions Knobby, i'm there too.


      I have the "Gladiator X60 Compact - 51ah Sur-Ron Battery" from Chi. tl;dr it has been great for me and the build quality feels better than it looks.

      The battery IS wrapped with a shrink-tubing like material. There is a plastic (or steel depending on what you order) layer underneath the wrap.

      I was also concerned about this before I ordered, wondering if it was junky, etc. I decided to risk it after watching this video. At about the 6 minutes in you can see them wrapping a battery and discussing why. The primary reason is water protection (I'll take it) with the choice for the grippy/non-slick surface because it keeps the battery from sliding around while riding. I haven't felt the battery move one while riding (on and off-road); the stock battery wiggles a bit.

      I bought it originally to increase range with my stock setup and it works great for that -- 22 mile round trip, no charging while I'm at work. Battery has about 55% remaining by the time I get home, with me riding with the throttle pegged (~45mph) most of the trip.

      I recently put a KO motor and controller on my bike. I haven't finished tuning or done a range test yet, but so far the battery is providing tons of power without any issues.

      The charger they sell is worth it, imo. You can select lower amp charge rates, and limit charging to 80, 90, or 100%.


        Thanks for posting Hiero, good info.

        From emails w/ chi, they responded 2x within 24 hrs, they said the non steel version had a "epoxy glass" layer under the shrink tubing and the metal version was a steel layer. They said unless i was bashing stuff into the sides of the batt, the non steel ver was fine.

        I also learned you have to raise the batt lid to fit the endurance model (60ah) which does not make it an exact replacement for stock since there will be extra space above the stock batt after doing the mod. However, as i have a seat extender, which required a ~1 1/2" foam block be added btwn the stock batt and the lid (seat extender raises the lid), i shld be good. Will prob just need diff size foam blocks above the stock and chi batts.

        Gonna order me one. And the variable charger.

        With the stock batt & controller, real MC tires, and 200lb of me onboard, i can eek out 30 mi on dirt roads at ~20mph and ~25 mi of trails at slower than that before i am risking pushing. Got back to my truck a cpl times w/ a flashing "15%" so i now carry tools to pop the masterlink and a bag to put it in to make the pushing easier, lol.


          Glad I could help. If you think you'll ever upgrade your controller/motor, be sure to check the "Cont. Amps" column in the Gladiator Break Down chart.

          The 60 Endurance you are looking at has a maximum output of 120 amps (stock battery is 100 amps) so if you don't plan to upgrade your controller, that battery will be fine.

          But if you do think you'll upgrade your controller at some point, you will be better off with the 60 MAX (420 amps) or 60 COMPACT (360 amps).


            Thx Hiero. I considered the 60 max but Im really just after more distance/charge. Or so i think. Bike is pretty snappy for the king of riding i do. Until it isnt, lol. Ordered the endurance and charger.


              I have both the CBSR (their original Surron offering) and a Gladiator Touring. The CBSR is great (GREAT) on a stock controller. Range for days, don't have to mod anything (I've got seat risers). However on the bac4000 bike it will shut the bike down on higher power levels after the battery is less than about 60%. The Gladiator is killer. No issues on my bac4000 bike (8.5kw tune, probably wouldn't work great on higher tunes) AND it JUST fits with no major mods (again, I have a seat riser and the little battery door brackets they send with the battery. I wanted the extra range instead of higher amperage draw. They are a top notch company in my opinion in terms of build. I don't want a fire hazard between my legs at high speed. I feel like they make a good product. hope that helps.


                I have two of the CBSR original batteries in my bikes and they've been flawless for over a year now. Both the bikes have the Bac 4000 and we ride them at 12K. Never cuts out or shuts down. Quality products.


                  I just ordered a 72V 51AH, I can let you know in 3-5 weeks, ha.


                    I have the 72v compact. I love it. The company actually responds to questions and has decent support. This alone goes a long way. The BMS is bypassed and uses a phone app for BMS information. There are values you can set in the app, but they are locked by Chi. To put in perspective. My friend rides 2 stock batteries down to empty while my Chi batt is still at 70-80% the batt life is amazing and the power is everything i expected plus more.



                      I may need a new battery within the next few years. Anyone know the life expectancy or limits of the stock battery.?
                      My 2020 SRX-LB. 3 years and 3 months since my first charge & ride. Over 1000 miles of trail riding close to home.
                      Never had a problem with my stock battery or charger. Maybe because I follow this forum and read this 3 years ago
                      An updated versions posted in General Discussion recently.
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