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Batterie BMS Wiring informations

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    Batterie BMS Wiring informations

    Hi guys,
    i'm building my own 18s batterie for the sur-ron street legal and i plan to keep the original 6pins connector to batterie with an upgraded BMS (Daly BMS) and stock controller. According to the wiring diagram purple and blue/black wires are for "COMS", but the purple wire isn't connected to anything on the connector, so i suspect it is for diagnostic/programming. But what about blue/black wire? what is it for? is this absolutely required? where is it connected to BMS? UART COM TX? RX?
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    IDK, I didn't tear that far into mine. But like in R/C cars battery, each white goes inbetween each pos and beg to each row of cells. Usual there's a red, or black wire on the bms systems, and the are all lined up with wire goes next.. thin again I only but 10s R/C car battery's, not sure on the layout inside Ron's battery (trying to work out a schroederer's bypass ATM)