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Home made Extender packs?

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    Home made Extender packs?

    Having had to walk home again (egg rider showed 37% battery then dropped to 0..) Thinking about doing a 5ah extender pack out of r/c lipo batteries. Plan is if the battery dies on me again I will change egg rider to lowest power setting of 10% (max amp draw around 45) and be able to cruise home at a low speed vs pushing my bike. :)

    2x 6s 5000mah
    2x 4s 5000mah

    20S 5ah 25C
    72v 5ah 125amp continues

    The full setup will weigh around 6lbs. Will also have the lipo low voltage alert hooked up directly to the batteries to make sure they are not over discharged.

    What do you all think? Any better low priced / low weight options you can think of?

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    waste of time
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      Originally posted by stts View Post
      Im not a fan of LiPo. They are not designed for continual heavy discharge, being a heat sensitive poly. Why not just get 2 hoverboard batteries. Mine is 36v 4.4ah. 2 in series are 72v and you can use your bike charger. Good for your emergency needs.
      That is a good idea. And I do have a few of them powering my kids go carts. Just worried that they are only good for around 30a max discharge.


        I thought about lipo too, but cost be in the thousand, I saw replacement ebike battery 310*190*70mm 60v 30AMP 291$ that should be no taller than stock battery, but take up only 1/2 the space, so you should beagle to fit 2 in the battery tray giving you 60amps.. all in theory