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Sur Ron weird issue

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    Sur Ron weird issue

    Hello everyone, my sur ron is having a weird problem. The bike works when i take it out for about 5 minutes and then nothing. I turn it on and off and when i turn it on and twist the throttle, the motor spins a couple of degrees and that's it. If I leave it alone for a day same thing happens, it works for 5 mins and then the motor only turns a few degrees but nothing more.

    I have taken all the sensors out and replace the throttle with no luck. The diagnostic cable lights up 6 times, which is supposed to be a hall sensor issue. i have taken the hall sensor out and i found a few drops of water on the sensor even though I have only washed the bike with a garden hose a few times and never ridden through puddles. I have a new hall sensor on order. As far as I know the simptoms of a bad hall sensor are that the motor goes backwards, the motor moves without throttle input... but those symptoms don't match my problem at all.

    Do you guys think its a faulty hall sensor?. I also read that it could be something to do with the BMS, where the BMS thinks the battery doesn't have enough charge so it cuts power and that why the motor only spins a few degrees. Any ideas ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Have you gone through the Error Code 6 troubleshooting section on this site?