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    Originally posted by Greylola View Post
    I am SO broke now!
    Let us know how you like the tracks! And how long your battery lasts.


      Brand spankin' new at this point! Peg brace, Pro Taper tall bars and an Odi # plate. Gritshift rear fender & side panels too.
      Got a few more items, but I have to get to riding the bike first. But its cold & snowy now. ...Looking forward to better weather!
      Beauty bike.

      Click image for larger version

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        Pesky homebound winter has me ordering up some parts. No power or suspension bits, just comfort & protection upgrades.
        Hoping for snow to be gone. No riding of any sort to be done for awhile. Just laps circling on the icy snow in my driveway.

        Seat & skid plate and rear mud flap added... Seats makes it feel like I am riding on top of it vs riding in it as stock.


        • lectrik al
          lectrik al commented
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          looks great, almost too nice to get dirty! yer on the list of wishin for weather that's more better than worser... 2 above freezing here

          Hope you're able to park it in a place where you get to look at while you're not on it. It helps. My bike calls the kitchen home, and I couldn't be happier with the living arrangement. the Bikes are happy, and I get to stare at em for a couple months... I'm not 70 and lonely, I live with 2 ebikes

        • dirtman
          dirtman commented
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          lecktric al--""2 above zero here"'
          SRX-LB- ecktric-dirtman. Pittsburgh PA. 2 below zero here (30-F and very windy).
          No need to worry about getting my SRX-LB dirty or muddy. Frozen maybe.?

        • Kauaiguy
          Kauaiguy commented
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          71f here but raining

        12 below freezing here! Or 20 degrees as we like to call it.

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          Today... Warp 9 220mm brake rotor and GritShift pegs bolted up... Will it ever end??
          Love the bike that the Sur Ron is - wonderfully upgradeable. Can't wait for spring. :-)

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            Click image for larger version

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            Here is mine