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  • burley1
    Click image for larger version

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    Here is mine

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  • MaxXedition
    Today... Warp 9 220mm brake rotor and GritShift pegs bolted up... Will it ever end??
    Love the bike that the Sur Ron is - wonderfully upgradeable. Can't wait for spring. :-)

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  • MaxXedition
    12 below freezing here! Or 20 degrees as we like to call it.

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  • Kauaiguy
    commented on 's reply
    71f here but raining

  • dirtman
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    lecktric al--""2 above zero here"'
    SRX-LB- ecktric-dirtman. Pittsburgh PA. 2 below zero here (30-F and very windy).
    No need to worry about getting my SRX-LB dirty or muddy. Frozen maybe.?

  • lectrik al
    commented on 's reply
    looks great, almost too nice to get dirty! yer on the list of wishin for weather that's more better than worser... 2 above freezing here

    Hope you're able to park it in a place where you get to look at while you're not on it. It helps. My bike calls the kitchen home, and I couldn't be happier with the living arrangement. the Bikes are happy, and I get to stare at em for a couple months... I'm not 70 and lonely, I live with 2 ebikes

  • MaxXedition
    Pesky homebound winter has me ordering up some parts. No power or suspension bits, just comfort & protection upgrades.
    Hoping for snow to be gone. No riding of any sort to be done for awhile. Just laps circling on the icy snow in my driveway.

    Seat & skid plate and rear mud flap added... Seats makes it feel like I am riding on top of it vs riding in it as stock.

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  • MaxXedition
    Brand spankin' new at this point! Peg brace, Pro Taper tall bars and an Odi # plate. Gritshift rear fender & side panels too.
    Got a few more items, but I have to get to riding the bike first. But its cold & snowy now. ...Looking forward to better weather!
    Beauty bike.

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  • dirtman
    commented on 's reply
    Don`t forget to add $100.00 for a pair of plat-form shoes/boots.
    The rock group Kiss makes shoes for shorter people which might help.

  • Quinc
    Originally posted by Greylola View Post
    I am SO broke now!
    Let us know how you like the tracks! And how long your battery lasts.

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  • Greylola
    I am SO broke now!
    Attached Files

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  • Quinc
    I think only thing I am missing is the extended swing arm.

    • Manitu pro downhill air forks
    • Fox Float DX2 Air shock
    • Hase pro Double piston front brake
    • full floating oversize 220mm front disk
    • pro taper 3" rise handle bar
    • Full wrap hand guards
    • LIFT LINK by Surron shop
    • SEAT RISER bracket kit with battery cover relocator
    • Surron Shop skid plate
    • Milk Racing one-piece PEG lowering brackets and peg brace
    • Luna tall / wide seat
    • Wide foot pegs
    • Lower connector bar
    • DID front 420 chain
    • Mid-drive chain conversion
    • 64 tooth sprocket
    • Gold series pro taper chain
    • Shimano front and rear sintered pads
    • Milk Racing 21" / 18" racing wheel set
    • Front Dunlop k990
    • Front Tubliss
    • Rear sr241
    • Rear Tubliss
    • LiteSpeedBikes 72v/32ah battery
    • LiteSpeedBikes tuned BAC8000 controller
    • LiteSpeedBikes BAC Harness for Eggrider and
    • BAC 8000 mounting kit =
    • Eggrider display for BAC
    • LiteSpeed Bikes BAC8000 tune/mapping with full 10-map over-ride
    • New mid-drive bearing kit​

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  • Poe
    Custom fabricated:

    -air fairing motor/speed controller scoop cooling.
    - headlights and bracket made from sheet aluminum and from spare parts and light beam cut off,
    - seat made from seat aluminum with Eva foam, 12" wide seat.
    -purple underglow lights 5v cores


    - 90/90-19 tires 10lbs, but I swear 13-15lbs (heavy, will go to a 80/100-19 6lbs TT tires )
    - rim tape and smart a** stickers
    -52T with d.I.d ringless chain (love muck off all weather lube).
    -redone controls, all lights, sport and horn in one.
    - all sensor delete and cockpit connectors removed to make more space
    - capacitor bank, (major improvement on a stock system)
    - tail light with angel wings
    - pegs to quick release peddles ( comfort and keeps cop drive bus off me, or that can just be me)
    - wire brush shock, with 650lbs spring battery, and painted.. more to come
    -under seat cargo net
    -hidden horn and block off plate
    - speedometer move, DIY bracket
    -at the moment not shown , new handlebars, and battery compartment speakers
    -Barends and mirror

    In fear of spamming recent photo.. --v

    Last edited by Poe; 11-21-2022, 07:50 PM.

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  • Suck-It-Corona
    commented on 's reply
    What's your tubeless set up?

  • Kauaiguy
    This is my bike,plenty of upgrades,95% dirt riding

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