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  • MaxXedition
    Today... Warp 9 220mm brake rotor and GritShift pegs bolted up... Will it ever end??
    Love the bike that the Sur Ron is - wonderfully upgradeable. Can't wait for spring. :-)

    Click image for larger version

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  • MaxXedition
    12 below freezing here! Or 20 degrees as we like to call it.

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  • Kauaiguy
    commented on 's reply
    71f here but raining

  • dirtman
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    lecktric al--""2 above zero here"'
    SRX-LB- ecktric-dirtman. Pittsburgh PA. 2 below zero here (30-F and very windy).
    No need to worry about getting my SRX-LB dirty or muddy. Frozen maybe.?

  • lectrik al
    commented on 's reply
    looks great, almost too nice to get dirty! yer on the list of wishin for weather that's more better than worser... 2 above freezing here

    Hope you're able to park it in a place where you get to look at while you're not on it. It helps. My bike calls the kitchen home, and I couldn't be happier with the living arrangement. the Bikes are happy, and I get to stare at em for a couple months... I'm not 70 and lonely, I live with 2 ebikes

  • MaxXedition
    Pesky homebound winter has me ordering up some parts. No power or suspension bits, just comfort & protection upgrades.
    Hoping for snow to be gone. No riding of any sort to be done for awhile. Just laps circling on the icy snow in my driveway.

    Seat & skid plate and rear mud flap added... Seats makes it feel like I am riding on top of it vs riding in it as stock.

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  • MaxXedition
    Brand spankin' new at this point! Peg brace, Pro Taper tall bars and an Odi # plate. Gritshift rear fender & side panels too.
    Got a few more items, but I have to get to riding the bike first. But its cold & snowy now. ...Looking forward to better weather!
    Beauty bike.

    Click image for larger version

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  • dirtman
    commented on 's reply
    Don`t forget to add $100.00 for a pair of plat-form shoes/boots.
    The rock group Kiss makes shoes for shorter people which might help.

  • Quinc
    Originally posted by Greylola View Post
    I am SO broke now!
    Let us know how you like the tracks! And how long your battery lasts.

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  • Greylola
    I am SO broke now!
    Attached Files

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  • Quinc
    I think only thing I am missing is the extended swing arm.

    • Manitu pro downhill air forks
    • Fox Float DX2 Air shock
    • Hase pro Double piston front brake
    • full floating oversize 220mm front disk
    • pro taper 3" rise handle bar
    • Full wrap hand guards
    • LIFT LINK by Surron shop
    • SEAT RISER bracket kit with battery cover relocator
    • Surron Shop skid plate
    • Milk Racing one-piece PEG lowering brackets and peg brace
    • Luna tall / wide seat
    • Wide foot pegs
    • Lower connector bar
    • DID front 420 chain
    • Mid-drive chain conversion
    • 64 tooth sprocket
    • Gold series pro taper chain
    • Shimano front and rear sintered pads
    • Milk Racing 21" / 18" racing wheel set
    • Front Dunlop k990
    • Front Tubliss
    • Rear sr241
    • Rear Tubliss
    • LiteSpeedBikes 72v/32ah battery
    • LiteSpeedBikes tuned BAC8000 controller
    • LiteSpeedBikes BAC Harness for Eggrider and
    • BAC 8000 mounting kit =
    • Eggrider display for BAC
    • LiteSpeed Bikes BAC8000 tune/mapping with full 10-map over-ride
    • New mid-drive bearing kit​

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  • Poe
    Custom fabricated:

    -air fairing motor/speed controller scoop cooling.
    - headlights and bracket made from sheet aluminum and from spare parts and light beam cut off,
    - seat made from seat aluminum with Eva foam, 12" wide seat.
    -purple underglow lights 5v cores


    - 90/90-19 tires 10lbs, but I swear 13-15lbs (heavy, will go to a 80/100-19 6lbs TT tires )
    - rim tape and smart a** stickers
    -52T with d.I.d ringless chain (love muck off all weather lube).
    -redone controls, all lights, sport and horn in one.
    - all sensor delete and cockpit connectors removed to make more space
    - capacitor bank, (major improvement on a stock system)
    - tail light with angel wings
    - pegs to quick release peddles ( comfort and keeps cop drive bus off me, or that can just be me)
    - wire brush shock, with 650lbs spring battery, and painted.. more to come
    -under seat cargo net
    -hidden horn and block off plate
    - speedometer move, DIY bracket
    -at the moment not shown , new handlebars, and battery compartment speakers
    -Barends and mirror

    In fear of spamming recent photo.. --v

    Last edited by Poe; 11-21-2022, 07:50 PM.

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  • Suck-It-Corona
    commented on 's reply
    What's your tubeless set up?

  • Kauaiguy
    This is my bike,plenty of upgrades,95% dirt riding

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  • Surreal
    Big ups all Modderz and thread Posterz! Big ups,,,, and !!

    2020.5 Sur-Ron X Black Edition (US)...

    Dirty Bike stealth bash guards -
    Dirty Bike mud flap -
    Dirty Bike extended rear fender -
    Race Spec ultimate foot rest brace -
    HD-3 Tombstone smoked windshield -
    Deity Highside 760 stealth bars /// 80mm rise-
    Deity Crown schrader caps in anodized black -
    Deity KnuckleDuster locking grips in anodized black -

    street Tires
    Sport brake pads
    Main belt drive chain conversion
    Higher speed sprocket kit
    low pro front fender
    rear luggage rack

    Ahhh these things are good for the soul and bad for the wallet

    pics soon

    ride safe cheers

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