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Can the pedal kit be used with the default sprocket?

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    Can the pedal kit be used with the default sprocket?

    Using the small sprocket that comes with the pedal kit ruins the Sur Ron MX. Accelerating with this sprocket installed produces a horrible shuddering that makes the bike feel like it is going to shake itself to pieces. Additionally, the speedometer no longer works. I want to put the default sprocket which came with the MX back on the bike while keeping the pedal kit. However, neither the chain that came with the bike nor the chain that comes with the pedal kit are long enough.

    In a past post that's now closed, I was told that I would need to purchase something called a "chain breaker tool" as well as "motorcycle chain quick links" in order to splice together two different chains to fit around the pedal system. I have absolutely zero interest in purchasing those tools or performing the work necessary to splice two chains together. Installing the X controller and the pedal kit were both complete nightmares which combined required over 5 days of work to complete. I will sell this bike before I give myself more headaches by trying to hack together two chains. Instead, I simply want to purchase the right chain, install it on my bike, and be done with this bullshit.

    Where can I purchase the chain necessary to use both the pedal system and the default sprocket on the Sur Ron MX? Additionally, what is that chain called?

    P.S.- Luna Cycle, if you're reading this, I want to express that I am remarkably frustrated with my experience with you. When I was first considering purchasing a Sur Ron MX, I wanted to have your team install the X controller and pedal kit before shipping so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble myself. They were out of stock at the time. However, one of your team members told me that Trump's trade war with China would be dramatically increasing the cost of the bike, so I should purchase the bike right away and then install the accessories myself once they were back in stock. I trusted their advice and purchased the bike. Lo and behold, the price of the bike only increased by a mere $300. That's nowhere near a significant increase in price. While I purchased the bike back in September of last year, the bike is still not operational because I have encountered so much trouble with the X controller and the pedal kit. I would have gladly paid you more than $1,000 over what I paid for the bike if you would have simply provided me with a working bike with the accessories installed. Instead, I'm stuck with this nightmare of a project. I wanted to purchase a bike to ride, not a project to work on.

    Yes the pedal kit can be used with larger sprockets, and this is ideal for greater torque, more range and so on. You do have to be a little more careful riding it though because that amount of torque is a lot harder to handle when you have rotating pedals compared to stable dirtbike pegs. Pedal kit basically comes with small sprocket as a safety measure, but I would agree a larger sprocket is better, assuming you understand we are not liable for any increased risk of personal injury.

    If you are using the stock non-x bike it uses a 420 motorcycle chain. It is unlikely to find any chain that is already the exact length needed. Even if you had a chain the perfect length you would still need to install it, which would typically require using quick links and potentially a chain breaker tool. Changing the chain, sizing new chains and so on is part of normal ownership of any motorcycle, or even a bicycle really. It is not realistic to expect to change the gearing on anything like this and not expect to size the chain.

    Sorry if you were frustrated we could not install something out of stock. We cannot ship what we do not have.

    Yes the price went up due to the tariffs. Much of that increase we ended up absorbing the cost of because wanted to maintain as stable a price for our customers as possible. Criticizing the company for not further increasing the price seems like an odd thing to say but okay.

    Anyway. I can recommend you probably half a dozen shops and companies in the bay area that can easily put the sprocket on and size the chain for you, if you want someone else to do it. They are in the san francisco section of this referral list. Titan performance fabrication would be a good example of a local shop that can take care of any modding needs. They can also do the recommended maintenance and setup procedures outlined in the documentation linked from the listing, available on the knowledge base. This is a high performance machine, and while it requires less work than the average dirtbike or motorcycle, there are still things to check, adjust and so on. If you cannot or do not want to do something like size a chain I would highly recommend to have a shop do this sort of thing as well.


      I've bought dozens of moto chains, plenty of 420's

      I wouldn't get in a wad over the chain, they don't last forever (racing I'd get a two or three thousand miles and street maybe 10-15k) and are a very basic moto task - if you don't want to do it any moto shop can for low cost and you should replace both sprockets when you replace a chain

      Most moto shops can either order a chain to size or cut it for you (cutting them is a pain, nothing like a bicycle) - my experience has been at no additional cost and master link comes with it all greased

      I do not recommend unsealed chains! Go for at least an o-ring or better yet, the x-ring...


        Hi all! I hope I'm not sounding redundant, but I am getting ready to do the pedal conversion and I purchased a new RK GB420MXZ gold chain and a chain breaker for this specific job.
        I guess I'm a little confused because I have seen other pedal kits being sold with an extension piece of the gold 420 chain for those people that wanted to keep the 48 tooth sprocket that came stock with the X model.
        it looks like a six inch piece in the picture so when I was just reading something only knowledge base part of this site about half an hour ago, it said that only one link needs to be added to the stock chain...
        I just want to make sure that is correct bc the pic I saw is messing with me.
        Any help would be much appreciated, as I am kind of getting ready to do it as soon as I get a response. Thanks, Jason


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          I can't speak for everything being sold on the internet but typically the only extensions we have included with pedal kit was for 420, not 420 oring.