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My experience with my SurRon X - On road and all sorts of terrain

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    My experience with my SurRon X - On road and all sorts of terrain

    The main goal in this post it to let others know the experiences I've had to help them know if they'd like this bike.
    I spent hours watching online videos and reading reviews before purchasing this thing and there were some questions that I didn't quite have answered still.

    For reference:
    My street riding has been back and forth to work (14 miles one way through suburbs and downtown STL).
    My off-road has been at St Joe state park (link attached) which has every type of terrain you could possibly want to ride in.

    Problems I've ran into:
    1. I under-tightened the handlebars (for fear of over tightening them) and they decided to rotate in the middle of a trail.
      Not a big deal as I'm always riding with the mini-toolset that came with the bike.
    2. I punctured a tube on my first trip off road. It looks like I actually ripped the tube at the valve stem on the rear tire.
      Maybe I wasn't running enough pressure in it. It happened on a rocky trail. Either way, I would recommend keeping spare tubes on hand.
    3. People want to know what this thing is, and Luna didn't send me a stack of business cards to hand out with the bike.
      I would have handed out about 20 cards by now if they had been included in the box.
    4. If you're riding off road, those cutoff switches in the brakes is a hazard. Get rid of them.
      Sometimes you need to hold the brakes until you feel the motor pulling you forward on a steep hill.
    5. Tuning the suspension helped me a lot. Out of the box, I tightened up the rear spring a lot (it was crazy loose) and loosened up the front fork a bit.
    6. The brakes screech like banshees but they seem to be getting better. If not I'll replace the pads and hopefully that fixes it.

    What's the fitment like?
    I'm 6' and it feels comfortable when sitting. Standing forces me to shift my weight forward a lot. This feels great for hill climbs, but off in any other scenario.
    I think I might get some taller bars.

    What's the power really like?
    It's weird. Not having gears is weird. The first time I tried to do a wheelie I was on my back instantly. If you have a clutch and gears you have a lot more room for error with wheelies.
    But if I point this thing at a hill it just climbs it. It doesn't care if I'm going up it at 5 or 45, it just walks up the hill with (or without) me on the bike.
    The throttle is so linear I'm not afraid of giving it a bit more in the middle of a steep climb.
    On the flip side, I'm not doing wheelies starting at 30mph like I used to on a 400cc bike.

    What's it like to ride on X terrain (stock tires)?
    • Dirt - Fantastic. This thing loves any semi-solid terrain.
    • Wet/packed sand - Great. It grips this a lot like dirt.
    • Gravel - Great. It slides around but is very predictable.
    • Loose Sand - Very Sketchy. The tires are not very wide and you go wherever the sand whats to push you. A little speed helps this.
    • Big rocks - Sketchy but doable with a little speed. Going slow gives the rocks time to shift under your weight and throw you around.
    • Big wet rocks - Get off and walk it.
    • Mud/Clay - Wobbly but not nearly as bad as loose sand.
    • Pavement - The knobby tires don't have a lot of grip but they are predictable.

    What is the legality of riding this on the roads in Missouri?
    Missouri law is a bit weird. It seems to classify things as "that's a motorcycle" or "That's not a motorcycle". We have no concept of a moped or "not quite a motorcycle".
    I think the SurRon is considered "not a motorcycle" in EP mode. So I'm always in EP mode on the roads. I am not a lawyer.
    I've driven past several cops in different municipalities and they don't seem to care.
    Here is the law that I've found:

    The roar of engines breaks the stillness of the Old Lead Belt at St. Joe State Park, one of two off-road vehicle parks in the state park system. The many trails set aside for off-road vehicle use make the park the premiere off-road vehicle area.

    A few more things that I've learned since I've been riding the bike.
    1. Put some foam or rubber on the head light bracket (where it mounts to the bars).
      This way you don't have to worry about making sure it's perfect to prevent it from rattling around on the trail.
    2. The stock tires just refuse to clean themselves out if you go through some mud.
      I have to go through some sand or brush or do something to clean them out (or go like 45).


      You are right on the money but you havent scratched the surface yet I can tell you about zipper welds on the swing arm unzipping the kickckstand safety switch leaving you pushing and here is some solid help lossen the rim lock on the valve stem up to the cap gives you a lillte play as to not rip your new tube at the valve stem lots of torque no rimlock. Change the headset brakes tires fly wheel bearing check spokes chain and be maintenance dilligent have two escape routes in any situation be aware of everything and dont be surprised by people in cars cutting over 3 lanes right in front of you going 65 mph cChanging terrain and lines to take to not crash I take people up the impossible hills when I think they are readdy I warn then ruts cliffs and unknown terrain for you dont use the brakes but control th e bike with the throttle they gut gutsy hit at the wrong tome and break a couple ribs they are not ready for the harder challenge going down this same hill 7 y/o kids fly down it with bmx bikes no brakes A surron will go up and down it faster But it takes practice In theblink of and eye your sliding down thwe cliff or struggling with the huge ruts so you keep ay it aqnd what was once a struggle is now easy When you can keep it pinned wide open throttle uphill and down and fly throught the air land at almost ful cmpression and shift to bounce of the next one while picking your lines you can ride bro-hammer stay at it and try no brakes eco and no brakes sport and ride fast but not over your head build up your abilities keep your bike maintained perfect and you will get their have fun doing it and its all part of the lifestyle lift weights eat right and remember if it was easy why did they have to train for years to get that good work work and more work till it is fun ride fast dont crash


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        Editing a comment
        Holy hell man! Have the punctuation keys on your keyboard been ripped off?

      I had lost my set of sur ron keys and got them replaced by a locksmith. The new set opens the battery door and turns the ignition, but when I turn the ignition, the bike won’t turn on. No dashboard, no horn, no light and no motor. Also the bike was working perfectly fine before I lost the keys. Any ideas on what is going on?


        Is the main circuit breaker tripped,maybe the locksmith tripped it?