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Where does the surron messure the speed?

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    Where does the surron messure the speed?

    Hello community,

    i hope you can help me. First of all im from germany and we only have the "2kw" powered surron here. To make it faster and more powerfull i wanted to cut the limiter wire and make a bigger sprocket on the back. To let it street legal its only allowed that the surron can reach a max. speed of 45km/h (~28 mp/h) and have a max. continuous rated power of max. 4kw. To the surron webpage after you cut of the limiter the surron has a continuous rated power of 3kw. Now i only make the surron slower. To my calculations i would need a ~74 tooth rear sprocket (has about a diameter of 30cm (8,1 inc). Maybe i will chance the front sprocket to about 13 tooth, to reduce the needed size of the rear sprocket.

    But i need to know where the surron does messure the speed.

    Many thanks in advice.

    Hey Chriss_94, hello from California! I had no idea Sur Ron made bikes with different motors. My Sur Ron came with the 6kW motor.

    I'm an absolute noob and I do not know much about the bike, but I can say that a larger rear sprocket will give the bike more torque, but less top speed. I believe the 60-tooth sprocket that Luna Cycle sells brings the top speed from about 45 mph (72.4 km/h) down to about 35 mph (56.3 km/h).

    Also, changing the size of the rear sprocket will screw up the speedometer and odometer readings because the bike measures those values in the electric motor. The bike measures how fast the motor is spinning and uses this information to calculate speed and distance. Unfortunately I do not know much more than that.


      Thank you for your awnser. Its the same motor, but it has a different power output. I think its because so they can make the surron easy street legal. Here in germany you have a lots of regulations to get a bike street legal. There a a lot of different driving licences too. And when you dont want to make an extra driving licence there a vehicle which are called "kleinkraftrad" (mopeds). The max. power output of an motor need to be under 4kw and the speed limit is 45 km/h (~28mp/h).

      And damm... thats a little problem, because you need to know here how fast you are driving, and you need a speedometer:D i wouldnt care about the odometer, but the speedometer is quit important. I think i will contact surron direcly, maybe i can adjust it myself.


        The speedometer picks up its signal from one of the motor hall sensors, so is essentially a measurement of motor RPM. I haven't found a way to recalibrate the speedometer.