30,000 miles on an x original shipment light bee converted to x 1 year old and have had parts challenges learning curve adjustments. All the wheels come with loose spokes the gauge needs to be thicker. T ride chain tension is much more critical and those bolts dont last for me Try changing the mid drive if you think you are mechanically inclined it is worse than you can imagine, I have never crashed and people wont let me leave because they want to ask about the bike even riding down the road Pulled over once by the sheriif on a honda and showed him the e-bike law Jerry Brown thanks Jerry he was concerned about the fact it didn't have turn signals . he thanked me for showing him the laws and told me to arm signal turns and ride safely. Never argue with a 300 lbs man with no body fat a badge and a gun I have had people in cars change 3 lanes going 65mph cut in front of me and pull in a church parking lot,missed me by 4 feet only People in cars are liable to do anything at any time. Rode across a creek 4 times at full flood during the rains that was hairy the bike powered through it but the pucker factor was higher than usual I have seen and been closer to more wildlife than you will believe if you see a large cougar that is rare you will enjoy mountain riding been to the divide twice holy jim canyon before the fire and big bear and the beach on the sand the bike is versatile quiet nimble and fast weaknesses warranty none parts availability marginal, having difficulty with a chain of events broke a spoke at 1000 miles special order battery gave out on me and had to figure out how to get one from china not easy welds broke on the swing arm and peeled like a zipper have beefed up the swing arm twice and that distorted it and then you get to re assemble the mid drive nightmare now I need a new flywheel for the mid-drive. I have 2.75 shinko tires dual sports and have both my bees with x controllers and moto cross high front fender fox 40s and left bar- end mirror every thing else is stock except I run saint front brake and mangura rear with metal pads I wish I could afford Ohlins their is nothing better than power with suspension and brakes oring chains much improved difficulty to work headset oring chains and the mid-drive, mid drive a nightmare trust me you need the patience of Job. Ride fast dont crash