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No throttle response, where to start?

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    Had the same problem, battery 100% lights on everything looking as it should, no throttle, disconnect brake sensors, removed tilt sensor and disconnected stand sensor still no throttle, removed motor and checked magnet/hall sensor all looking good, tested fuses all good, read the thread above about the back light, this seems to be hard wired to the battery connector so could not disconnect it, put the hair dryer on the back light following the wire for 20 mins tried in and got throttle, so makes sense if the diode on the wiring is wet it will not let the motor run, hope this helps


      Interesting thread. Here in the US our surons aren't legal to ride on the highway (tho a lot of us do sometimes anyway) so our rear light does not turn on if we apply the brakes. We also don't have turn signals. Out headlight and rear light turn on when we turn the key on, there is no switch to turn them off.

      I modified my wiring to add a switch that enables me to turn off the headlight and rear light with one switch. I vaguely remember there being an extra wire in the wires running to the rear light. I will have to check that. Thanks for posting.

      I've always been a little concerned about the brake, kickstand, and tip-over sensors or wiring stoping my bike from moving. I sometimes ride many miles (and more kms) away from civilization, sometimes on steep grades. Pushing the bike back is such a concern I carry tools to remove the chain , and a bag to put it in, to make the pushing easier. I think I need to figure out my wiring and add a switch to disable the safety circuits.


        Whoops, I posted in the wrong sub-forum (link here). Re-posting below, hoping that someone will be able to offer some suggestions:

        2-3 weeks ago my son went riding in the rain, likely that he got something wet. The throttle became intermittent – it’d stop working, but two minutes or so later, turning on the bike again would make it work. But not for long. I can replicate that in the garage even now. The throttle will work for 5-15 seconds, then become unresponsive.

        I had already removed the brake sensors in the past, but today I also removed the kickstand sensor and the bike-fell-over sensors, just to simplify the context. I did the “SR Throttle test” ( and saw the expected voltages. So it’s likely not a throttle problem.

        The LED tester shows one blink, meaning “system ok.”

        Next I tried Pascal’s tail light diode debugging, I disconnected the tail light by removing the two pigtail connectors on the light itself. No difference. I followed the wiring to the front of the bike but didn't see an easy connector to disconnect the lights from that side. Never did find the diode, or was able to check for humidity around it.

        I did order a new throttle, and hooking it up from "the side," just to test it, was promising. I was able to ride the bike around the garage for a minute. Alas, when I went to properly install it, the bike was unresponsive again...

        Even before the new throttle, i.e. with the old throttle, the bike would randomly work for 5-10 seconds and then be unresponsive for the next few days. The voltages are reading right (even with old throttle), and the intermittent nature has me stumped.

        I read the "deadly problem" thread on the voltages in throttle wiring:, but am unsure exactly where to pick up another ground. So many ground wires everywhere... and I'd like to not make any non-reversible changes.

        I got some good suggestions from "paxtana," much appreciated, re-posting here just in case someone else might have other ideas too. Thank you,



          I think paxtana in your other thread, which you linked above, gave good advice: look for an intermittent connection. Likely culprits are connectors as you know, but anything is possible here as paxtana's example points out. Leave no wire unturned (literally) in your inspection. The fact that it is failed most of the time is a blessing.

          If somehow you cld find a donor surron, you cld start by swapping major components to see if it is one of those. Either way you will be disassembling a lot to find it. For sure i'd be removing, temporarily, all the wiring i cld to elim as much as possible from the puzzle. Good luck.


            Hi guys thought I’d just Jump back this one as we started having the same issues again, so all sensors brake, kick stand ect deleted, turn on bike all lights up as it should, let it calibrate, no throttle response at all, took it in the house as thought maybe condensation in the garage, to let it dry out, still nothing after a week, contacted sur ron support and was advised to try the throttle whilst the fault blinker thing was attached as it was saying everything fine, got 3 blinks with half throttle, sur ron says its either ac dc unit or the controller, cheaper option being the ac dc, so decided to start taking it apart, had the controller almost out as I was going to test it with multi meter but decided to try moving
            some cables about, low and behold it is the new throttle cable oem part just fitted, moved the wire and the sur ron went, so now I know it’s not the controller or the ac dc box just another throttle hope this helps anyone struggling to get to the problem


              Hey so i recently washed my bike and my surron can’t go, but everything turns on. I unplugged the tip over sensor but still nothing. Please let me know if you guys know how to fix this.