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No throttle response, where to start?

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    No throttle response, where to start?

    We have been loving our Sur Ron x. My son was riding and parked it on the lawn to come in for lunch and the sprinklers came on and got the bike wet. After that the throttle stopped working. The battery appears to power up fine, as does the bike and lcd. But nothing happens when you turn the throttle. I have cycled the circuit breaker. Removed and reinserted the battery and still no dice. Can someone help me know what next steps are to diagnose the issue?

    got exactly the same issue on my sur ron after washing.
    No high pressure washing just regular tab water.
    Everything works except throttle.
    Did check all connectors and sensos.
    Did anyone found the solution?


      Did you guys still have the brake sensors installed? I would start with the throttle killing safeties, brake sensors, kickstand sensor to see if water is somehow making the circuit.


        i did try without brake sensor, stand sensor, crash sensor.
        I did checked all connections and also the throttle box for the zero position.
        No change so far.
        I also did mount an other converter ( grey box next to throttle box)from my other sur ron ,: no change.
        The Thing that remains is the the controller....


          Hey andurojoe,
          just to check, what do you call throttle killing safety?
          Is It the crash sensor that kills the throttle in case of fall.
          Black box behind the tontroller,?


            That stinks man, I'm a little nervous to wash the thing now.
            You tried the 4 safeties that kill the throttle- tip over, kickstand, front and rear brake. Hopefully you get it back rolling soon.


              I am having the same issue with throttle cut-out. This happened yesterday on a muddy wet ride. Did anyone figure out a good fix or did everything work normal after the bike dried out? Please respond


                It's been over 1 mounth since i had my my problem and no change so far.
                i will bring it to the thip to see how to fix it.
                I'll let you know the the conclu.


                  For some electrical troubleshooting tips on the throttle its self, take a few minutes and read thru this thread...

                  Hello! I just recieved my Used Sur-Ron 2018. I did a few very short trips around the yard and it was ok. My brother came over today to look at it and he had a few trips in our yard aswell. I jumped on the bike and everything was fine, i did a high speed run and then when i went to turn around it just took off and landed maybe 4

                  See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


                    I had throttle cut out issues after a very wet muddy ride two days ago. I brought the bike to my shop to work on it today and tested it out before spending some time taking everything apart. Happily, everything seems fine and working great for a quick 15 minute test ride. I don't have time to test sensors but if I test tomorrow and there are no further issues - then it must have been the wetness affecting the sensors. I will update if there is a change but for now -- Be careful with really wet rides!


                      Hi guys......
                      good news....i found the problem on my bike......
                      I'm driving home and will write about it.


                        Hi everyone,
                        as i said on the previous message,: problem solved.........

                        so here it is.
                        I hope my english will be good enough for everyone to understand my point.

                        We all went through the basic checking point as
                        • stand sensor
                        • brake sensor X2
                        • fall sensor
                        • throttle controller position.
                        • all plugs for moisture infiltration and / or dammage.
                        but if , after having driven on very wet surface or, like me after a good washing, you loose the throttle respond, there is another thing to check :

                        unplug your tail light and test your bike.

                        it sounds stupid but let me explain .

                        as many owners of this wonderfull toy, i'm sure we all agree about the fact that the tail light original position is...........UGLY!!!!

                        so i decided to dismount it and to place it under the seat as a normal enduro bike.
                        doing this, i realised that the wiring was too long. So i shaped it, taped it, shrinked it so it could fit just behind the tail light.
                        This wiring section is now very much exposed to moisture.

                        Now comes the funny part.....

                        Tail light : how does it work :
                        it is a light made of LED bulbs.
                        to power it, you have 3 wires
                        • green = ground
                        • brown = tail light (12v)
                        • orange = brake and stop light (12v)
                        but brown and orange wires power the same LED through different resistance (that changes the brightness)

                        When turning on the ignition, the back light turns on.
                        you have entering the light 12v from the brown wire.

                        BUT, if you check, it brings about 6 volts into the orange wire from the tail light to the bike............

                        In order to avoid this, our nice chinise friend did hide in the wiring, into the tape wraping a DIODE !!!!!

                        I found mine close to the tail light but the location on my other sur ron is different. (see the pictures)
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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                        my problem was moisture on this diode that was creating a electrical bridge and allowing the 6 volts to travel from the tail light to the bike.
                        the problem is that this orange wire is connected after the brake sensor.... So if the wire is powered , the bike understand it as if you were braking for real...... and cut the power of the engine......

                        The other problem (on my other sur ron is that by shaping the wiring to fit under the seat, i broke this diod and shot curcuited it..... same result......

                        hoping this will help people facing this issue.....
                        the start test is simple before disounting all the bike : unplug the tail light.
                        Have fun everyone.


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                          Pascal. Thank you for this. Quick question, where is this piece that you are talking about? I can’t find this connector any place…

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                          2024 Talaria MX4 - Street Ready version, with signals + brake light. The tail light got smashed. (not me lol) Light only had 3-wires - so wired in a suitable replacement. Bike would only stay on "WAIT" . Isn't that odd? Added the diode, as advised here. Works! Seems like the Original brake light must have this diode built into the original light circuit board? Anyway - all well now after adding a 1N4004 diode, as advised. -=Cheers!

                        Where is this connector / diode located?


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                          We’re you able to find out where the connector was located? I’m having the same problem as you guys.

                        I had this problem today with my 1 week old bike. First I removed the break sensors, but it didn't work so I searched online and I found this thread.
                        My issue was that the connector bundle underneath the engine cover was full of water and especially the tail break light connector was wet. Dried it out and it works fine now.
                        When I get time I will pull this entire bundle out and replace all collectors with waterproof cable crimps.

                        This design is very poor from sur Ron


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                          ""My 1 week old bike"'" '''connector bundle underneath the engine cover was full of water'"
                          How deep was the river or flood you drove thru.??
                          Turn around.. Don`t drown or ruin your Electric SRX-LB

                        So I went into my eggrider settings and after writing changes my throttle has stopped working but have full power and all other setting have save accordingly