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will this bike fit a large adult?

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    will this bike fit a large adult?

    Hi, I'm 6'2", 250 lbs. I'm looking for a fun commuter ride. is this thing big enough to hold me without looking like a clown? I understand I'm too heavy to motocross on the thing, but that's not what I'm going for.

    You forgot to link to the bike.
    Some 6'2" can ride a large frame, some need XL size. The thing you need to know is your bicycle inseam. Wearing your cycling shoes, stand with your back to the wall and stick a book between your legs up to your pelvis. Where the top of the book meets the wall to the floor is your cycling inseam. For in city biking I would pick a frame on the smaller side, for open road touring I would go large for comfort. Go to a bike shop if ones near you and sit on some bikes. The seat height should allow you to reach the pedals with your heel on the pedal and your leg straight. A smaller frame will favor an upright riding position, a larger one more layed down. My little brother is 3" shorter than I am but we have the same inseam and can swap bikes at will.
    Kona made a series of MTB called Hoss for larger riders. They're well regarded and have been around a while of you're looking in the used market.
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