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Selling a custom build Mongoose cargo BBSHD ebike

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    Selling a custom build Mongoose cargo BBSHD ebike

    For sale a custom ebike built with luna BBSHD 1000w motor kit. This thing flies :-) It has about 50miles on it. It was a fun project I learned a lot with this build ( mechanics ,electrical, Programming)

    Spec List:
    Mongoose Envoy Bike New powder coated Chevy Orange
    TYP HY/RD hydraulic Disc brakes
    RAD Rack basket
    Luna BBSHD 1000w motor kit
    Luna Clear Wolf 52V Battery
    Luna Eclipse chain ring
    Luna Mighty Mini Display
    Brake Sensor
    Shift Sensor
    Luna Advance 300w 52v charger
    Luna Black Box programmer
    All Parts are New with about 50 miles on the hole build I have receipts for all parts.. I’m sell this project because I’m done playing with it. It’s complete and ready to just jump on and ride. It’s fun and can be programmed to top out at 40MPH. I know, i had it at that speed and waaay to fast for me!!! I reprogrammed it to slow down now tops out at 20MPH. It’s a climber up up and away!!
    I am asking $2500.00 Shipping is on you! I live in West Los Angeles and will be happy to meet you somewhere near by. I don’t need to sell it but I would like to. I am not trying to cheat anybody so don’t try to cheat me. I know i will be losing money but the experience was well worth it..

    that build looks awesome. I just got the bbshd I bought from you up and running the other day. Still have some kinks to work out, but man is it a fun ride. If anyone needs to know this guy is legit, I'll vouch for him..