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For Sale: CAB Motorworks Recon

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    For Sale: CAB Motorworks Recon

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    (accessories in photos not included)

    Top speed: 60+ MPH!

    Range: 200 miles!

    Lightly used Cab Motorworks Recon purchased new in mid 2020. Has less than 300 total miles on it--due to nature of job, have not been able to ride as much as I hoped. Only signs of wear are light scuffs on foot pedals, and metal lip around front light (light itself fully functional). Battery always kept at ideal states of charge in order to maximize life. Tires have 99%+ tread left. Original purchase price of $13589, comes with two keys and charger. Buyer responsible for arranging and paying for shipping once cashier's check has cleared.

    Asking $11995

    More info:

    Options include:
    • 63AH battery upgrade ($2595)
      Over 4500 Watt Hours of energy and can provide for up to about 200 miles if riding efficiently, and a similar third or as little as a quarter of that if you are hammering down. This is a huge benefit when it comes to getting where you want to ride hard, getting it done, then being able to make it back home and the whole time not having any concern for state of charge. The biggest ebike battery in the world, larger than many electric motorcycle batteries.
    • Performance MotorWheel Build ($1695)
      Hand built in the USA by individual build engineers to the highest standard with the world's top level products, materials, and expertise. If you plan on pushing your bike to the highest levels of performance, you will definitely want this option. The Performance MotorWheel increases spoke diameter by almost 100% from the standard MotorWheel, these hand made spokes are so thick we have to custom machine each hub to allow for the assembly to come together. The Performance MotorWheel all comes together with the cross pattern lacing into the race proven 18" Excel Takasago (or similar) rim, that same rim they race motocross with. The Performance MotorWheel option is must have for high impact loads or super rocky conditions, with the added protection of the 18" tire.
    • Integrated front and rear LED lights ($300)
      Hardwired into the biggest ebike battery on the planet, and directly connected to your ignition, no more having to swap out or charge your light batteries or forgetting to turn it off. The LED kit is blindingly bright front and rear so you can see them and they can see you. Each light comes with its own on/off button, so you can choose to run stealth at night if that's what you want or need.

    Technical Specs:
    • Optimized 20 kW Sine Wave System
      The Recon, with its 20kW power system and ASI BAC8000 Sine Wave controller, it is by far the most powerful electric bike on the planet, hands down. By doubling the power of the Eagle, we were able to develop a system that provided a 25% increase in top speed while simultaneously increasing torque by almost 50%. The Recon receives proprietary next gen heat dissipation processes to allow for that high duty cycle that you expect from a CAB.
    • RECON Sub-frame and Moto Seat
      Designed by CAB and made in the USA. The sub-frame allows for the waterproof controller to be housed outside of the body cavity which increases it ability to shed heat, but more importantly opens up that room to add more batteries. The moto style seat was designed and built by riders for riders, so you get the best fit, form, and function out of the seat.
    • Ultimate Off Road Capability
      With 8" of front tuned suspension and 10" of rear tuned suspension, there is no terrain that can stop you. This thing will take the hits and keep coming back, no matter if its a gnarly downhill trail or the track, The Recon stays a step ahead.
    • DOT Motorcycle Wheel and Tires
      With 19" wheels and tires front and rear, all motorcycle standard and DOT rated, the Recon is ready to tackle any surface. The rear wheels are hand built in the USA with the latest rev spokes in the cross pattern for the ultimate protection. The 19" enduro tires with heavy duty tubes make the perfect combination of versatility and durability.
    • State of the Art Battery System
      With the 63AH battery you will officially have the biggest ebike battery in the world with over 4500 wh of energy, this battery will take you to the moon and back. All battery options will charge from empty in about 6 hours.
    • High Power Regenerative Braking System
      The Recon's "Regen" as it's called produces approximately 4kW in power, which makes the physical brakes essentially redundant, The Regen is where you get the majority of your braking force, and if used properly can all but eliminate brake pad wear. In addition to the main source of braking force, the added benefit of Regen is up to 15% of regained energy to go that extra mile. The Recon comes standard with hydraulic disc brakes using 220mm rotors front and rear for the ultimate in braking force.
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    Is this the bike that crippled Simon Cowell?