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Greyp G12S Hyberbike for sale

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    Greyp G12S Hyberbike for sale

    Located in Las Vegas, NV…

    Very hard to find in the US, this Greyp G12S eBike is a monster with some very cool tech as well. Near silent, fast 12KW peak power hub motor rockets you to 43MPh (the governed limit in the Sport mode) in no time. Although it has pedals, this is basically an electric motorcycle. It’s primarily made for the street, but I put more aggressive mountain bike tires on it and it handles the local trails quite nicely as well. Some features:

    - Unlock it either with an on-screen passcode (boring) or with your fingerprint (cool! )
    - Full color screen shows you speed, range, trip info, efficiency, time, odometer, battery level, motor temp and allows you to set the mode and turn on/off the headlight
    - USB connector under screen allows for phone charging while you’re out and about
    - Has both a headlight and tail light
    - 3 riding modes: Street (legal mode for Europe, where this is made) ECO (closer to legal modes for eBikes in the US) and Sport (the fun, fast mode)
    - 2 speeds for when you want to pedal
    - Comes with battery charger and another set of more enduro tires
    - I put Tannus Armour tire inserts ($deeplink_path=/redirect/) in both tires to protect against thorns on the trails

    You can see more info at the Greyp website at

    price? how much does it weigh?


      Oops, forgot the price! It’s $5500. And weighs about 100lbs