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Reduced: SurRon XX Ludicrous - Very Rare Bike!

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    Reduced: SurRon XX Ludicrous - Very Rare Bike!

    No trades, cash only please.

    Purchased the Sur Ron XX Ludicrous from LunaCycle during BlackFriday 2021. This is a super limited edition bike, extremely rare to find. To my knowledge, Luna Cycle made only 100 in 2020 and probably only another 100 in 2021. They never made them since. The bike has double the power of the regular SurRon X.

    For those that might not be familiar with the XX you can google it and Electric Cycle Rider has a good article write up and also a YouTube video where you can learn more about the X vs XX. In summary the controller and battery are modified by Luna Cycle such that it goes from 80amps to 150amps (nearly double the power/torque/acceleration). Range and top end remain approximately the same as the regular X. I am not going into too many details surrounding the bike because if you are looking to buy a SurRon most likely you already know the bike and if you don't, there is so much info available on google and YouTube.

    The bike is in very good condition with minor expected wear and tear.

    I own another Sur Ron X, a Honda dual-sport Dirtbike and a Yamaha street bike, so in terms of mileage the XX has around ~350 miles. The little electronic display dashboard broke and I recently replaced it so I can't see exactly the mileage because it starts the odometer from 0 unfortunately.

    In terms of mods the bike is pretty much stock. I have other parts for sale (see pics) if the buyer is interested and we can work it into the deal (new Bridgestone Battlecross X30 tires, ProTaper 3" riser bars and black foot pegs).

    As to why I am selling this, my buddies and I like to go to different trails and explore new locations, so I typically take the dual sport Dirtbike as I can ride for far distances on the highway to get to new locations.

    I am asking $5,700 OBO - SoCal pick up only at a mutually agreed location. No low ball offers or joy rides. For test rides I will need a license and a $200 refundable cash deposit for accidentals.

    You can call/text me at 508-six-9-two-7-four-zero-3. I am writing the number in this format to avoid automated call/text scammers. For any additional details and questions call/text me please.

    Thank you and ride safe!‚Äč
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    Also have extra parts if interested: New Bridgestone X30s, ProTaper 3 inch riser bars and black RaceSpec foot pegs. We can work it into the deal if interested.


      Price reduced and added pics of additional parts I am willing to work into the deal.