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Fully Loaded Hybrid E-Bike setup! w/ BBSHD, Luna DireWolf, and Revelate Designs Bags

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    Fully Loaded Hybrid E-Bike setup! w/ BBSHD, Luna DireWolf, and Revelate Designs Bags

    Hi there! Thanks for checking out my post. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

    - I’m asking $2700 for my E-Bike and Included Accessories. This is a thoroughly researched, insanely powerful, highly reliable, meticulously organized, complete E-Bike setup! I’m selling only because I need the money! My loss is your gain. Perfect for commuting on even the steepest hills, bikepacking, leisure riding, and singletrack! - Local Pickup or Delivery in California preferred. I live 1 hour north of Fresno near Yosemite National Park - if you live far away and want to buy it, I will work with you!

    The Mains:
    • Trek DualSport 4 (2017-18 model)
      • Ridden electric maybe 50 times over the past three years, and ridden without motor on occasion during the two years before that
      • Low mileage and in overall excellent condition besides a few scrapes
      • Remote lockout lever - lock your front shock in place with a quick push of this lever while riding - unlock it by pressing it again
      • Hydraulic brakes
      • 700C hybrid tires
    • Bafang BBSHD 52V motor kit from Luna - fully installed
      • Hot rod program = Best in class power and speed (you can go 50mph if you want!)
      • Insane 150nm torque force - easily climb the steepest hills
      • 1600W peak power
      • Silent performance (It makes for such a peaceful ride, this means a lot to me! I’ve ridden a prebuilt eBike with the same power capability but different motor and tbh the noise just ruined the whole experience!)
      • Pedal with power assist level 1 to 5, or use thumb throttle for straight acceleration without pedaling
      • Has all the essential components of a seamless E-Bike setup: brake sensors (cuts power when braking), gear shift sensors (cuts power when changing gears), thumb throttle, speed sensor installed on back tire with magnet, full color display with USB-out for charging your phone (shows speed, battery voltage, power level, and so much more)
      • All cable connections waterproof sealed with heat shrink and self-fusing silicone tape
      • Includes extra universal thumb throttle in case of emergency
      • Comes with programming cable if you want to make this bike even more insane than it is (or just tweak some settings lol)
    • Luna DireWolf battery
      • Made with top grade LG MJ-1 18650 cells
      • 52V 21Ah = 1100 Wh! (60-100+ mile range)
      • 50amp continuous BMS (battery management system)
      • Weighs 14.5 lbs
      • Dimensions 14” x 6” x 3”
      • Includes 300W Advanced Luna Charger
      • Completely encased in fireproof potting material
      • Completely waterproof
      • Includes magnetic mount

    Included Accessories:
    • AirTool tire pump with analog pressure gauge
      • Excellent reliability and durability, metal base
    • NiteRider rechargeable flashlights (Lumina 900 Boost front + Sabre 80 rear)
      • Insane brightness & durability + different flashing modes
      • Waterproof
      • Front light mounts on the front handlebar, rear light clips onto the back of the Revelate Designs seatbag, or can mount on the seatpost if you don’t have the bag mounted
    • MaxMiles aluminum universal adjustable phone mount
      • Insane stability - your phone will stay securely mounted through the worst bumps and ruts you throw at it
    • Short USB-C and Lightning cables for charging your phone
      • Perfect length for the distance between phone mount and USB port on the display
    • Kryptonite Bike Lock
      • Comes with two keys
    • Invoxia bike tracker - track your bike at all times!
      • LTE-M data = ultra efficient energy use - best tracker on the market by far
      • Get alerted on your phone when your tracker senses movement - perfect for parking your bike outside the grocery store
      • Can adjust tracking frequency (how often a point is shown on the map - every 30 seconds, every minute, every 5 minutes, etc)
      • Can create geofences with alerts - for example, set an alert for when your bike has left a specified zone around your house
      • LTE-M data plans cost only $8.95 per month, or $21.95 per three months ($7.32 per month), or $66.95 per year ($5.58 per month)
      • Includes waterproof case mounted to seatpost or wherever you want to put it
    • Set of front and back knobby tires for better traction off-road (I got the knobbiest I could find that would fit this compact hybrid frame - the back knobby tire rubs on the frame slightly at higher speeds, just needs to be shaved or worn down a bit, and it will be perfect)
    • Specialized Multi-Tool
      • Includes T-25 bit (star shape)
    • SRAM Disc Pad Spacer
      • When transporting the E-Bike, you can easily take the front tire off, then insert this small plastic spacer between the brake pads on the front fork - this keeps the hydraulic fluid from coming out if you accidentally press the front brake lever
    • Water bottle holder with mounting screws, in case you find room to mount it somewhere
    • Custom built pine wood mount for 1500W Pure Sine Inverter and Luna DireWolf battery - I originally built this for mounting the inverter and battery in my truck, but you can DIY mount it wherever you want with the included toggle bolts and wing nuts at the top, or use your own screws


    - Downhill-Certified Bell hybrid helmet for $150 ($274 value on Amazon) (Matte red, medium) with detachable chin guard (excellent condition, lightly used, has never been in a crash)

    - 1500W (3000W Surge) AIMS Pure Sine Inverter for $200 ($329 value on Amazon) - power your fridge and other essentials during a power outage! I researched this before buying it, and confirmed with a Luna rep by email that the voltage range is perfect for the 52V DireWolf battery. Comes with Male XT-90 to Female XT-90 Extension Anti Spark 10 Gauge Plug and Play Adapter cable installed

    - Revelate Designs Bikepacking Bags for $300 (Over $500 value from Revelate Designs) - Best Quality & Durability on the market (most are waterproof)
    • SpineLock Seat Bag, Black, 16L (had some damage on the bottom that was repaired professionally by Revelate Designs themselves - the bag is still strong)
    • Tangle Frame Bag, Black, Medium, 4L
    • Gas Tank Cockpit Bag, Alpine Camo, 1.2L
    • Pronghorn Handlebar Harness & Bag, Blue & White, Medium, 11L
    • Egress Pocket Handlebar Bag, Black, 2.8L

    Feel free to ask questions! Comment below or email me at

    Thank you for looking!

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