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52V 17.5Ah 750w Custom Cruiser

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    52V 17.5Ah 750w Custom Cruiser

    This is why you should listen to people with more experience that you. Especially if they own, oh, an e-bike company. They TOLD me at my weight I'd soon want more power out of my e-bike. And they're right. Which sucks, because I put a lot of energy, love, time and money into this sucker. But SWMBO made it clear: I can only have 1 e-bike at a time, so I need to clear this out before I get a new one.

    OK, the specs. The frame is off the Micargi Sluggo SS. Bought new, then stripped. From that bike the only items that survived were:
    - Frame
    - Headset
    - Rear cluster, derailer, rim
    - Seatpost

    Upgraded items:
    - Dual-crown, 20mm Thru-axle fork
    - Full Shimano 207mm disc brake system
    - 20mm Thru-axle Shimano downhill front hub
    - Brook B17 saddle (picture shows a cushioned seat I have since swapped out)
    - Tru-Temper Handlebars
    - Origin8 AT-PRO80-UL Fatbike rim
    - 3" Slicks
    - Sideview Mirror
    - Bafang 750w geared rear hub (Luna sourced)
    - 52V 17.5ah "Jumbo Shark" battery
    - Full handle throttle w/ matching locking grip

    This bike is damn fun. Lots of range. It'll cruise at 30mph with my ample behind on it all day long (I weigh 235lbs). But at this point, it just doesn't accelerate off the line how I'd like.
    Again, with my weight, no duh. I probably should have gone with a BBSHD maybe, but honestly at this point I probably will end up with a Sur Ron or something along those lines. Or,
    hell, maybe a Zero. I ain't getting any lighter.

    I dropped around $2500 into this thing, mostly because finding parts that worked with that fork were a giant pain. But... come on. Look at that fork lol. Worth it, I guess. That hub & front
    disc cost as much as some donor bikes. Ugg.

    I'm asking $1850 + shipping, or I'll deliver to any place relatively close to Sacramento, CA. I'm actually driving to Socal in a couple weeks too, so if you're down in that part of CA, hit
    me up and let's talk.

    Shoot me an email at if you have questions, want more pictures, etc. Or if you're close by and want a test ride. :)

    Click image for larger version

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    Put this in a Craig's list ad. Ignore the price there (CL folks always seem to try to lowball). I swapped the seat out to a more "moto" configuration using a banana seat. Original seat also included.


      The bike is very cool. I wonder though is the banana seat on backwards?
      Plus that link will allow me to edit.