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Mongoose 750w Mountain eBike (Brand New) Atlanta, GA ($1,300 OBO)

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    Mongoose 750w Mountain eBike (Brand New) Atlanta, GA ($1,300 OBO)

    Brand new Mongoose 29" Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Full Suspension Mountain Bike with a 750w mid-drive electric bike motor kit. 48V (volt) 12AH (amp hour) battery included. This bike will take you up to 10 miles on mountain bike trails and 20 miles on the road at up to 22 mph. Pedal assist and throttle! Completely street and trail legal. Charges in about 4-5 hours and typically gives you about 2-3 hours riding time.

    About me: I wanted to get back into mountain biking to get back in shape and I fell in love with ebikes after renting one at a park. I decided to learn how to build my own and have built 4 ebikes so far. I’ve worked out all of the kinks on the trail and this bike is the latest and greatest build I’ve done. I am working to import and sell ebikes far below what you would find at local bike shops so more people have access to these fun machines. If you use the pedal assist and not the throttle you will get back in shape. Ebikes just smooth out your ride and take some pain out of the uphills.

    If you have a bike and would like me to convert it to an ebike, I would be happy to do so. I just ask $200 for the labor plus price of parts ~$800.

    Please feel free to send me questions! If you want to test ride I will need a deposit. All liability is your own.


    - Brand new Mongoose 29" Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike
    - 750w mid-drive electric motor (most powerful street legal electric motor)
    - 48 volt 12 amp hour lithium-ion battery
    - 10-20 mile range, 2-3 hours of riding, 4-5 hour charging
    - 22 mph max speed (legal limit, will go faster with pedaling)

    $1,300 OBO, Cash, Crypto or Venmo

    Are you still building them?